Group Work in 3rd Class Emma

We’ve started to explore rocks and soil this week. We worked in groups to discover our own facts. We worked really well in our groups, taking turns to read the information and then to report it. We all respected each other and learned from each other.


We have been learning that the equal sign means ‘the same as’. Using numicon and counters we were making groups of items that were equal to each other. Now we’re using an adding sign to show that when you add two numbers together it is the same as the answer on the other said eof […]

Budding Architects in Rang a Sé!

What a week we have had! Having won five stars for great behaviour in our líne, we were rewarded with our first outdoor class. Sue set us an ‘architecture’ challenge which saw us using natural materials found in the wooded area to create miniature ‘houses’ for Lego figures. Working in small groups, we used twigs, various leaves, […]

Fun in the Woods 3rd Class Emma

SESE: We celebrated National Tree Day on Oct 5th by identifying the trees in the woods. We found Beech, Silver Birch, Sycamore, Pine and Horse Chestnut Trees. We had great fun playing Conkers in the outdoor classroom! Surprisingly, none of the conkers got smashed but lots got snagged! Visual Arts: We created visual art from […]

Soil is more interesting than we thought! Rang a Sé investigates!

This week in Rang a Sé we learned how to carry out a scientific investigation of soil and record it correctly by writing scientifically. It turns out that there are a lot of different types of soil and soil isn’t just dirt, it’s made up of sand, clay, silt, organic matter, animals, water and air. […]

Numicon in First Class

We started Numicon in Fiona’s First Class this week. Numicon is a multisensory approach to teaching Maths. We moved from station to station playing different maths games using the Numicon shapes and our fantastic new set of iPads! Through these activities we learned about making 10, odd and even numbers, making number sentences and symmetry. […]

Skipping in Rang a Sé

We had a skipping for all day this week and our class absolutely loved our session with the skipping ropes! Some of us found it quite hard to get our ropes where we wanted them at first, but with a bit of patience and team work we got there in the end. We also made […]

3rd Class Emma

This week, we looked at brochures of different landmarks in Ireland. We looked for the counties they were in on the map and what counties bordered them. We found the Cliffs of Moher, the Derry Peace Bridge, Giants Causeway, Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin and many more. Some of our classmates had been to some of […]

Róisín’s 5th

We’ve had an extremely busy few weeks in 5th class. In Literacy we have been learning how to write recounts. We’ve also been revising prepositions, adverbs, nouns, pronouns…the list goes on! AND we’ve been making these fun by playing lots of writing games to build on these skills! We also started our class novel, “Holes” […]

Michael’s 4th Class’ busy fortnight!

Hello everyone, over the past two weeks we’ve had a lot of great adventures. We had Dave Rudden an author who wrote ‘Knights of the Borrowed Dark’. We read the first chapter of the book. It was very exciting. Also we had a Greyhound visit. He was ADORABLE!!! His name was Jack and his racing […]

3rd Class Emma

We have been working really hard this week on telling the time. We’ve been working on telling the time on analogue clocks and digital clocks. We need lots of practice at home and in school. We’ve also been working on playing nicely with our friends on the yard and remebering to have Kind Feet, Kind […]

The Gruffalo in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we were learning all about the sound ‘s’, we practiced writing it and thought of loads of different words beginning with the sound ‘s’. Aistear was based on the story ‘The Gruffalo’ and we enjoyed making gruffalo masks, sequencing the story, playing in the deep dark woods and creating mala […]

Our School, Aistear

                This week the theme in Aistear is ‘Our School’. The children are getting to know the school layout as well as meeting staff at work in the school. In Aistear they’re using what they learned to work in groups.     The children have been investigating what […]

Inclusion Week – 25th of September

As next week is Social Inclusion Week you might like to pass on this information to anyone interested. Social Inclusion Week   Monday Sep 25th – Friday Sep 29th                         Parish Centre Newbridge   Launch of Exhibition  :    Monday Sep 25th 3.30pm Photographic Display — Ireland Through My Eyes                  Hosted by residents of Eyre […]

Perfect Portraits in Rang a Sé

Working together continues this week in Marie’s class especially in visual arts, where we had to figure out how to mix the perfect shades of skin colour to paint each other’s portraits. We needed to work in pairs to mix various skin tones from scratch and it was a lot harder than it looked! We […]