Moorefield – Leinster Senior Champions visit

Huge excitement greeted the victorious Moorefield team on Tuesday last, as they not only brought the league trophy they had won this year, they also brought the Kildare Senior Championship trophy they had won in the summer. But it didn’t stop there. In what was a fantastic advertisement for never giving up, they also brought […]

Futsal 3rd/4th

On Friday, the 1st of Decmeber, over 20 children from NETNS attended a Futsal blitz in The Mill Gym, Celbridge for local schools. To say the day was a success would be a huge understatement. The children had a great time in a fantastically run tournament. The competition was split into a boys and a […]

Hockey and Chains in Rang a Sé

This is week in Rang a Sé, we practised our hockey skills and had a great time in the Halla perfecting our ball control. We also worked together as a whole class team to build the longest paper chain we could. It was amazing how quickly we were able to work together and we did […]

Making a switch in Rang a Sé

This week we learned all about electricity circuits, how to draw them, recognise the correct symbols and how to make them. Marie gave us a selection of crocodile clips, battery holders, batteries, bulbs and holders, wires and paper clips and we had to figure out how to make our bulb light up by creating our […]

Item of Jewellery found

An adult’s pretty silver pendant was found yesterday afternoon in the school grounds. The owner can contact the office to reclaim it. Thank you.

Fiona’s 1st Class

We had a very exciting surprise visit from Santa Class this week! The whole school were called out to the yard to welcome him. He arrived on his sleigh with a Garda escort. Later we got our photograph taken with him. He gave us a chocolatey treat AND no homework!!

Rang a Sé getting ready for the Winter Fair

Very busy week in Rang a Sé with preparations well under way for the Winter Fair. Woven wool baubles were a bit tricky but look great hanging on our window and thanks to Shayne we learned a lot about geometry and the art of paper folding. Shayne taught us all how to make a very […]

Fiona’s 1st Class

We finally filled our class jar with beads! A bead can be added to the jar when someone shows kindness, is helpful, is doing great listening or working hard to name but a few. The treat was a popcorn and cinema party on Thursday afternoon! We are looking forward to seeing what the surprise is […]

Busy week in Rang a Sé

This week we hosted the first round of our debating contest against Ballyshannon NS and are pleased to say that we won!! It was a very close contest as Ballyshannon were excellent and were very tough opponents. We wish them all the best in the shield. Well done to the members of the debating team […]

Fiona’s 1st Class

We celebrated Grandparent’s Day on Wednesday! We performed a song for them using our shakers. In History we were learning about games and fun in the past so we had lots of questions for them! They told us about play handball, hopscotch and skipping. We drew pictures of these and some made models from playdough. […]

Ancient Rome investigated by Rang a Sé

We worked very hard on our projects on Ancient Rome, looking at very specific parts of life back in that time. Some of us studied food, others examined the rights of citizens, the colesseum, trevi fountain, the Roman senate and Roman gods as well as several other interesting factors of Ancient Rome life. We’re presenting […]

Musical Instruments in First Class

This week we made our very own musical instruments! We made shakers, using paper cups, rice and sticky tape to make them. We had so much fun designing them! We really enjoyed using them to keep to the beat of the music while singing and dancing along to some of our favourite songs. Take a […]

Science in Emma’s 3rd Class

This week we did science with Kathy, Gracie’s mum. We are very grateful that Kathy came in to share her expertise, parents are always welcome in our class. Before we started our experiment, we put on our safety glasses and gloves which Kathy brought in for us. She kindly let us keep them. We dipped […]

Ceoltóirí i Rang a Sé

We’ve been working really hard to learn how to read music and play the Tin whistle. It’s a lot easier than we thought it would be. It’s just a matter of finding the first note on the stave and then working out what the other notes are. We’re now able to read and play at […]

Fiona’s First Class

This week we used musical instruments to explore dynamics- louds and softs. We played tambourines, xylophones, castanets and many more! Then we made our own shakers using paper cups (which we decorated), rice and sellotape. We practiced keeping the beat to one of our favourite songs at the moment “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the […]