People at Work, Aistear

We’ve been learning about people working in our community. We have also been learning about how and why we recycle. Repak have lovely characters and videos for children that explain why we should recycle. We were learning about the vet in role play. We also designed and tested columns for our S.T.E.M challenge. We had […]

Houses and Homes, Aistear

We were learning about different types of houses in Aistear. We made detached, semi-detached, bungalows cottages and apartments. We learned about 2d shapes and added them to our houses. We explored where electricity and water came from and how it got into our homes, then we constructed our own homes with electricity and water. We […]

Denise’s 6th Class

On Monday  in history learned about monasteries and in irish we learned about ag siopadoireacht sceal.In english we read a story called sharu googles home and in sphe we did the Junior Entrepeneur Project and in math we did a chilli challenge. On tuesday in english we learned about homophones and in irish we learned […]

One week in 6th class

On Monday the 6th class debate team was chosen to debate against 5th classes debate team. In maths this week we were learning about how to add and subtract decimals. In history we were learning about the stone age and how life would have been like for them. On Tuesday we were learning about settlements […]

Emma’s 3rd Class

We’ve been working very hard on Multiplication for the last two weeks. We’ve used the Cuisinere Rods to help us figure out the concept and played lots of games. We worked hard on making up our own multiplication word problems; we had 7 cows with 4 legs each, 5 bags of apples with 10 apples […]

Science Week in Niamh’s Class

We have had lots of fun the last two weeks with our new teacher Niamh. This week is Science Week and we got to make our very own lava lamps. First, working together in groups we filled a quarter of a plastic bottle with water. We then carefully filled the rest up with oil. We […]

This week in 6th class

This week in 6th we learned about decimals in maths and how to +-x decimals. We also learned that they are every important because they are like money. In P.E this week we did a bit of gymnastics. We did tumbles, cartwheels and handstands. This week in English we did narrative  writing. Narrative writing is […]

Our week in school

For maths this week our class were learning about the different types of numbers such as prime, composite and squared/cubed numbers. We were also finding the squared routes of numbers. In English this week we were writing stories about aliens and using Alan Peat sentences including similes, ed sentences and double ly sentences. Our class […]

Haunted Houses and Halloween Crafts

This week in Denise’s 6th class

This week we did our midterm tests. We did Irish, English, maths and science. In PE  we did our last week of athletics, it was a big obstacle course and in our art we made spiders on webs, it was very fun.This Friday was costume day,we all had great costumes and we put a lot […]

First Class Construction Time!

The children had great fun during construction time this week. Take a look at the pictures below! Have a great midterm break everyone!  

3rd Class Emma

We had a lovely trip to Newbridge Library where we had a Maths Detective workshop. We’ve been working very hard on fractions in maths learning about eighths, quarters and halves.  

6th class weekly report

This week in 6th class we learned about lots of different things. In maths we learned about how to add,subtract,multiply and divide fractions. In English we learned about explanation writing and writing sentences using verbs and nouns. In science we learned about seed growth and dispersal. We had some great fun in p.e doing athletics. […]

Credit Union Art Competition in Eimear’s 4th

The 4th class children have been working very hard to complete their Credit Union Art Competition. The title for this year’s competition was “The Force of Nature…” The children brainstormed ideas about what this title meant to them. They discussed what materials they would use to on their art. They completed a draft piece of […]

Poetry and Projects in Róisín’s 5th by Abbie, Isabelle and Cian T

This week we have been learning about poetry. We have learned about alliteration, similes, contrasting images, adjectives and powerful words. At the end of the week we wrote our own poems! Here are some of the different poems that we did: The Magical Whale  I am the magical whale, I don’t eat fish I eat […]