5 Second Collaborative Art in Eimear’s 4th

Over the past two weeks we have been working on some collaborative art pieces. We began the activity by splitting into groups and each getting a blank sheet of paper. The children picked a colour and thought about a pattern or design they were going to make. They had five seconds to complete this activity. […]

4th week in 6th class!

We have had an amazing time this week in 6th class. Every week we get to choose a book from the library. On Fridays the teachers let us play basketball in the halla, it’s very fun!                              Every Tuesday and Thursday three […]

Lines and Angles in Eimear’s 4th

Last week in Maths we were learning about lines and angles. We explored vertical, horizontal, parallel, perpendicular, diagonal and oblique lines. We explored right, acute, obtuse, straight and reflex angles. We had some fun in the Halla creating the various lines and angles using our bodies. Have a look below.

Róisín’s 5th Class

English This week in Róisín’s 5th class we have been learning about report writing. The students have done such a wonderful job. Some students wrote about crystals, horses, YouTube and Sea Life. They learned that report writing has to always be factual and that they can be very helpful if you want to learn something […]

Report Writing- 4th Class

This week we have been learning all about report writing. We have focused on fact based reports and have been working super hard on our first draft of our animal reports. Some of the animals we’ve been researching are cheetahs, lions, narwahls, elephants ,penguins,lots of different breeds of dogs and many more. We’ve discovered some […]

3rd Class Emma

We’ve been working on learning the counties of Ireland and the four provinces. We worked really well with our partners, we divided the tasks between us and communicated well with each other.

The Past Week

This week we learned lines and angles in Maths, in Irish we were doing a lot on ‘Is Mise’. In P.E we warmed up with dodge ball and then played soccer and to warm down we had athletics . For science on Thursday we learned all about the lungs and how they work. During the […]

2nd week in sixth

Another lovely week here in sixth class. In P.E we started athletics it was fun speeding up and down the hall like rockets.We used chalk in art to create a lovely landscape drawing of starry starry night. In English we wrote our own newspaper reports.We also finished a topic in maths and started data.We learned […]


This week the students in fifth and sixth class were given the opportunity to take part in the school choir. We had seventy one students sign up to take part. It is a huge commitment by all students as rehearsals take place two lunchtimes every week. We can’t wait to start singing.  

This week in Senior Infants!

This week in the Senior Infant classes we have been finishing up our lovely houses, family trees and timelines in Aistear.  We have also been doing lots of work in Numicon and revising our Phonics and Gaeilge! We had lots of fun!

Working Hard in Emma’s 3rd

We worked really hard this week in Emma’s class on lots of tests. We were very lucky that we had Therese, Niamh and Michael in our class every day to help with our reading. We got some lovely new sets of books for group reading. Each page in the book has a different colour smiley […]

First week in Eimear’s 4th class

We have spent the first week getting to know each other, catching up about what we did over the summer, discussing our expectations for the year ahead, coming up with Golden Rules to follow and getting used to the new daily routines in 4th class. During lessons, we have spent a lot of time revising […]

Fourth Class News!

Welcome back to Fourth Class. It’s been a busy week and we’ve been getting used to new class routines. In Art we had fun making really colourful self-portraits which are now displayed as you enter our classroom. We personalised them by picking our favourite jerseys, clothing, hairstyles etc. Linking up with this we have been […]

Cooperative work in Emma’s 3rd Class

We have all worked really hard this week to work well with each other. We have been concentrating on positive body language and positive verbal language. In PE, we had to work with our table mates to make it across the halla with just two mats and without touching the floor (which was really lava!) […]

Denise’s 6th class first week

6th class first full week back was a brilliant week. We were given our very own lockers to prepare for secondary school. We did place value in Maths and did revision in Irish. We learned about Vincent Van Gogh in Art. Myths and legends was our topic in history and we got to write our […]