Telephone line not working

Please be aware that there is a fault on the NETNS phone line and as a result all incoming calls go directly to voicemail. This fault has been logged and we are hopeful of a swift resolution. We are able to pick up voicemail messages and will do so on a regular basis, but please […]

St. Conleth’s Area Community Games

Swimming Competition The St. Conleth’s Community Games Area Swimming Competition will take place on Friday 23rd March 2018 @ 5.30pm in Spin Activity Centre, (formerly Energie), Station Road, Newbridge. Further details are available from Peter O’Neill on 087 2422380    

Healthy recipes in Fiona’s 1st Class

We have been learning about making healthy choices over the past 2 weeks. We learned about the healthy food pyramid and have been working really hard to have healthy lunches filled with lots of fruit and veg! Two parents also came into our class to share their favourite healthy recipes with us. We even got […]

School Policies

Please find below copies of the following policies which were ratified at the January BoM meeting. Physical Education Policy Feb 2018 Healthy Eating Policy Feb 2018 After School Activities Policy Feb 2018

Magnetism in Fiona’s 1st Class

Last week we had lots of fun learning about magnetism. We guessed if different materials from our classroom would be attracted to magnets. Then we used magnets to investigate if we were correct. In groups we built pathways using our pencils and twistables. We put magnets underneath the tables and brought paperclips for a walk […]

Hearts and smiles from Rang a Sé

As a follow up to last week’s post on clay hearts, here are the finished products. There were unfortunately,  some casualties on the way leading to some “broken hearts” but everyone still has a smile and want to wish you all a Happy St Valentine’s and a happy midterm. More from Marie’s class next week

Rang a Sé exploring hearts in clay

This week in Marie’s class we developed some techniques when working with clay to join different pieces together. It took a lot of work but it was a very enjoyable art lesson. Have a look at us preparing our pieces to join together for our clay hearts. More next week when we can show you […]

Science Fair and Beekeeping in Rang a Sé!

The Science Fair was a huge success this week! We worked in small groups to pose scientific questions and then conduct experiments to try to answer them. Some of the projects we presented included: Can you charge a mobile phone using a watermelon and ice? Can eggs bounce?  What liquids are most damaging to teeth?  […]

Science Fair Winners!!

Congratulations to all of our winners of Best Project in our first NETNS Science Fair. The winning projects were: Fourth Class: (three joint winners) How does the Digestive System work? Fantastic Foam Lava Lamps Fifth Class: Oblek Sixth Class: Sour Power   Well done to all!        

Second Class News

Over the past month we have been very busy. In maths we have been learning all about fractions and symmetry. We did a mirror image experiment using paint. In English we have been writing recounts about our weekends. We used a paraburger to help us write a paragraph and we are progressing well with our […]

Transport in Emma’s Class

We’ve started to learn about Transport in Emma’s Class. We worked really well in our groups to order a timeline of methods of transport from the past. The earliest started with the stone wheel in 3500BC! We had lots of different ideas about what order they went in but we listened, communicated and compromised with […]

Our first NETNS Science Fair

After months of hard work, the children from 4th, 5th and 6th showcased their science projects today in the Halla Glas in our very first school science fair. There was an unbelievable amount of scientific talent on display, with each group tackling a scientific investigation and reporting on the results they obtained. We had projects […]

After School Sign Up Term 2

Tuesday Puzzles and Board Games Mary 1st – 3rd     Hurling Rob 1st – 3rd     Art Attack Sinead 3rd – 6th **LINK available in separate post under the heading Art Attack     Athletics Jim 1st – 6th     Science Club Elaine 4th -6th   […]

Emma’s Class: Working Hard on our Times Tables

We’ve been working so hard this week on our Times Tables and you can tell! We played boardgames and worked on a game called Hit the Button online. We really enjoyed that. Some of us have even been playing it at home and there is a huge improvement in our abilities! You can even download […]

Car Keys Found

A set of car keys were found in the school carpark this morning (Weds) at drop off time. They are in reception for collection.