All About Italy in 4th

The children have spent some time researching different aspects of Italy and worked in groups to create projects on the various aspects. The seven groups were: Italian History Italian Food Italian Geography Italian Landmarks Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Famous Italians The Colosseum and Circus Maximus When they were finished their projects, the children presented them […]

Volcanic Eruptions in Eimear’s 4th

The children have been learning all about volcanoes in 4th class. They spent some time learning about the different types of volcanoes and what it means to be an active, dormant or extinct volcano.  They have learned about what causes a volcanic eruption. In groups, they drew some detailed diagrams explaining the different parts of […]

This week in six class

On Monday we learned about the aztecs in history.In maths we learned about coordinates and how to read them.After that we learned and sang shotgun in Irish .On Tuesday we did geography and did inside and out side the Earth .In English we did tsunami.On Thursday we did english word study and learned shotgun in […]

Senior Girls Football – Second League Game

The senior girls footballers had their second league game today against Scoil na Naomh Uilig. Each and every player gave 100% and spent the match supporting and encouraging each other – it was a joy to watch. The girls kept Scoil na Naomh Uilig to no score for the whole game and managed to put […]

Denise’s 6th

MONDAY On Monday we learned about Ancient Egyptians and how they lived in the Ancient days. TUESDAY On Tuesday we learned about how food goes  off. WEDNESDAY On Wednesday we practiced basketball drills and lay ups in P.E . THURSDAY On Thursday we learned about the sun and the solar system in science and also […]

2D Shapes Maths Trail in Eimear’s 4th

The children had some fun revising some of the maths topics covered recently. The children worked in pairs and were given a picture of a 2D shape that was hidden somewhere in the yard. They had to find the 2D shape and when they got there, they had to solve a sum that was hidden […]

Tom’s Room

This week in 4th class we have been looking at perimeter problems! The children were excellent at reading the word problems and deciding how best to work out the solution. The children realised it was easier to add up some of the numbers separately, rather than adding up all the lengths of the shape at […]

Denise’s 6th

This week was Seachtain na  Gaeilge so we did loads of fun activities including a Ceili ,a song called Tóg Amach Mé and lastly fun work sheets.We helped the 2nd class with their irish Cómhra, and finished the week with a St Patricks Day art class. We wrote out a story of our own in […]

Emma’s 3rd Class

We have been very busy this week solving problems with Weight in Maths. We used our weighing skills to make pancake batter agus rinneamar pancóga ar Máirt na hInide. Ansin itheamar iad le sú liomanáide, leathan seacláide, im agus siúcra!

Tom’s Room

This week we have been exploring money and problem solving. The group had to work out a budget to create their dream home. They used their multiplication skills successfully to find out how much money they would have to spend. The children then selected the items this wished to buy and kept track of how […]

Our class week

This week in PE we did basketball. We played several games to introduce us to the game. In maths, we learnt about algebra and used different letters to replace the numbers. In Literacy, we were focusing on recount writing. we wrote stories about events that happened in our past and explained them in detailed writing. […]

Fun with Weight Eimear’s 4th

When we were learning about weight in maths we created some fun maths stations to help us learn. Station 1: Weighing station: We had various types of weighing scales and the children picked some items around the classroom to weigh. They first had to estimate how much each item weighed and record it. Then they […]

Green Schools

The Green Schools committee have been very busy over the past few months and the whole school have been working very hard to achieve our third flag which is on the theme of  ‘Water’ and involves learning all about water conservation and water management. We have been performing experiments on the theme of water and even […]

Another week in 6th Class

This week on Wednesday we had a 2K fun run on the Curragh, it was great and we had lots of fun .  This week in Maths we learnt to make and figure out number sentences .  Also in English we learnt to write a recount, we all had to write about the fun run.  […]

Tom’s Room

This week the children have been exploring long multiplication. The groups are using their knowledge of times tables to help them work out a range of multiplication problems. To finish the week the group had to solve a tricky multiplication sum to crack the code of a padlock. The group worked really well as a […]