A week in 6th

During the week we learned a bit more more about the 1916 Rising. The whole class will be doing a project about a 1916 Leader or someone who lived through the Rising. Also during the week we had assessments to help us see what we needed to work on for our real tests in Easter. […]

Chinese New Year in Emma’s 3rd Class

We were very lucky last week that Eva came in with some fabulous traditional Chinese food for us to try. We were celebrating Chinese New Year. We got to try some fabulous beef dumplings and some sticky rice. Eva also told us all about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and gave us red envelopes […]

Pop Art Eimear’s 4th

In 4th class we were learning about Burton Morris and the techniques he uses for his famous Pop Art creations. We used his heart design for some inspiration for our Valentines Day Art. We are so proud of how they turned out. Check them out below.   The organisers of the Community Games Art Competition […]

Chinese New Year in Eimear’s 4th

As it was Chinese New Year on Tuesday the 5th, we were learning all about it in 4th class. We learned about The Story of the Zodiac and how each animal was picked to represent the months of the year. We had some fun sequencing the story. This year is the year of the pig […]

This week

This week we learned a lot of cool stuff on. On Monday, we learned about money and profit, by using percentages. On Tuesday, we did geography about rivers, On how they form. On Wednesday, we did pe, on dancing It was really fun! On Thursday, we learned about science  and how it affects our society […]

Healthy Eating Week in Eimear’s 4th

Last week in school we had Healthy Eating Week. We were learning about the different food groups. We learned about the food pyramid and how much of each food group we should be eating. We used this information to design a healthy dinner and shared them with the class. Our weekly “Lunch Lookers” were busy […]

This week in Senior Infants…

We had so much fun in Senior Infants this week learning all about the weather! We learned that people who study and forecast the weather are called Meteorologists! We also did a really fun experiment in Aistear that showed us that rain droplets are heavier than clouds! We had a visitor in Natalie’s class who […]

A sixth class week

In history we learnt about the 1916 Easter rising and the proclamation signatories. In math’s we finished learning about the circle and started learning about 3d shapes and their dimensions. In P.E we did dodge ball, hot seat and dancing which was lots of fun. Coming up to music we were doing tin whistle and […]

The Solar System in Eimear’s 4th

In 4th class we have been learning about the solar system. The children worked very hard to put together some exciting projects, which they later presented to the class. Here are some pictures of them working on their projects: They came up with a fun way to remember the order of the planets from the […]

our week

This week we did a lot of fun things.On wednesday we watched the debating team practice their speech for Thursday. in maths we learned about integers. in science we did managing resources. on Friday we did art which was painting a landscape of beautiful trees in it. In P.E we did  hip hop which was […]

Back to school

To kick off our week we learned about 19th Century Ireland and the fight nationalists put up to gain independence for our country. For Maths we learned about time,speed and distance using a method called Dad’s Silly Triangle (DST,Dads=distance, Silly=speed, Triangle=time). In English we worked on improving our grammar and comprehension. For Irish we learned […]

Free 9 week parenting course

Attached please find details of a FREE 9-week parenting programme for parents of 1-6 year olds. The Parents Plus Early Years programme will commence on 19th February 9.30am to 12noon in Newbridge Health Centre. For further information & bookings, please contact: Noreen (045) 446364 or Elaine (045)920900 Parents Plus Flyer

Emma’s 3rd Class

We’ve been working hard in Junior Achievement with Saoirse. We had great fun learning about cities, businesses and even advertising our own ice cream shop! Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year!

Maths stations in Eimear’s 4th

Recently we have started using Maths stations with the help of our support teacher Emily. The first week we worked on fractions and the children had a lot of fun at the different stations. The stations were: Matching game – matching fractions to decimals. Cuisenaire rods – creating pictures using the different sizes and making […]

This week in 6th class

This week we presented our projects on our areas that we live in. Then we  learned about percentages in Maths. In art we started to make some Christmas trees and brought home some of our old art home. In English we started to write some stories.  In PE we played dodgeball and crab football. In […]