Springtime in NETNS

    Spring has arrived in NETNS, here are some pictures of the beauty all around us…..

Celebrating tree day in fourth class

This week fourth class went for a walk in the school forest to identify different trees by their leaves and seeds. We then planted our very own trees in the school garden. Here are some pictures.

Butterfly fun!

This week First Class took a trip to the sunny Cearnóg for Golden Time. We discovered that we weren’t the only ones out enjoying the sunshine; there were lots of beautiful butterflies fluttering around the buddleia bushes. We had lots of fun watching them and some of them even landed on our hands!    

Bottle Greenhouse – Almost there!

6th have worked fantastically hard over the last couple of weeks to help construct the bottle greenhouse. We’ve made great progress and have almost all the sides built.  Unfortunately the weather over the last couple of days has meant that we didn’t get it finished. We will get it finished as soon as we can […]

Baby birds in the Wildlife Garden!

Yesterday we were super lucky to see many wonderful things in the wildlife garden. When I came into school I  found the Squirrel had knocked over the bird feeder and was busy stocking up on peanuts. I had to be quick, but I managed to get a photo before it ran away!   Then we […]

Bottle greenhouse materials needed!

Hello teachers, pupils and parents, we need your help to build a bottle greenhouse for the school garden please. We already have these materials; All the wood we need Some pieces of bamboo 350 Bottles! Now we need your help complete the project. We would like you to bring in any spare; Bamboo minimum 1.8m […]

A Hare visits the NETNS Wildlife Garden

Today we’ve been very lucky to have a visitor to the Wildlife Area of the garden, an Irish Hare.  It spent most of the morning eating grass and twigs and hiding in the long grass in the woodland. At one point a local cat was trying to catch it and we had to shoo the cat […]

Trees for Schools – Token required!!

What Is Trees For Schools? It is a project run by The Native Woodland Trust, with media support from Independent Newspapers. The Native Woodland Trust is donating 30 free native trees to primary schools countrywide to help create a small native woodland on their school grounds. This will help the environment and teach children from […]

Topsoil and compost appeal!

Dear Parents and Guardians, If you look over to the school garden you will notice our brand new raised beds! These will greatly help to make the garden more accessible to children and also help us to control the level of water and nutrients the plants need. We have been very fortunate to have some […]

Fruit Trees…?

Dear Parents/Guardians, On March 11th the school will be welcoming 36 adults and children from 5 schools around Europe namely Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece and Romania. These people are visiting the school as part of our Comenius project “Greener Schools for a Greener Europe.” The focus of the visit is on environmental care and awareness […]

Can you identify me?

I was spotted yesterday in the woodland area of the school garden. I am a small bird that likes to live in woodlands and forests. My back is brown and speckled. My tummy and throat are white with brown bits. I have a curved bill that I use to search for insects in the bark […]

Bird Watching

This week we have been bird watching each morning in Hilda’s classroom. We have seen lots of different birds such as chaffinches, grey tits, magpies and blackbirds. We have been looking at how the birds eat and how we can tell what type of bird it is. Did you know that the blackbird usually eats […]

Feeding the birds

I had some brilliant helpers this week from Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Classes who came and helped me to feed the birds. We talked about the different types of food that birds (and squirrels) like to eat and the different places they look for food.  We worked to together to put some more seed […]

Our new garden gate!

This week Ciaran and Ben from 6th Class have worked together to build and install a new garden gate.  They showed fantastic skills over the week to plan out how to make the gate, fix it together using screws to make it strong, and finally installing it in the garden. They are not quite finished, […]