NETNS Sports Camp

This year there will be a sports camp taking place in NETNS from Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July for students in NETNS. Forms were given out to all classes this week. If you would like your child to take part please send in the application form with your child addressed to Clara (junior […]

Power Hour in Junior Infants!

The learning support team have begun a new block placement of Power Hour with the Junior Infants. It will take place for six weeks. The Learning Support Team and the class teacher dedicate an hour daily to literacy skills, including reading and writing. The children are really enjoying their ‘Hour of Power’!

The Power Hour Continues

This week Trish’s Senior Infants and Eibhlín’s 3rd Class began their Power Hours. The children in both classes have been doing excellent reading and writing at at the stations and are really enjoying our beautiful books. In Senior Infants we are using the fantastic new books that we bought with our 2015 Book Fair commission […]

Junior Infants Investigate

Last week, in Therese’s room, some of the children from Katie’s class had some interesting objects to examine…… To investigate the mystery blocks we used our senses to make observations. Fist, we looked carefully at the blocks and drew pictures of them. Then, we discussed how they looked; we observed that they were different colours […]

Power hour for literacy and taste experiments in Rang a hAon

We’ve done loads this week in first class! We’ve completed our first week of Power hour for Literacy and it was great fun! There are five stations with a teacher at each and we get to do lots of fun things like reading new books, making new words, writing sentences, revising our familiar reading and […]

Thank You from the NETNS Library!

A huge thank you to our library volunteers this term who have begun sprucing up our library. Alison, Brian, Inna and Simone have been working hard to get our library make-over started and we’re very excited to see the great things that will be happening in the library next year. Also, a big thank you […]

News From Therese’s Room

We have been busy finishing projects this week. Well done to the children in Peter’s class who presented their brilliant projects to their class last week. We saw excellent Powerpoints on Extreme Weather, Amazing Animals and Healthy Eating. Our Extreme Weather team showed the class their “tornado in a jar experiment”, the Amazing Animals team […]

Finished Projects

Well done to 2nd Class who completed their projects in my room this week. We have three excellent projects ready to be presented: “Extreme Weather”, “Amazing Animals” and “Healthy Eating”. The children worked very hard to create Powerpoints and posters on their chosen projects and have even created activities based on what they had learned […]

Creative Schools Award 2015

We are very pleased to announce that during the week NETNS received a Creative Schools Award.  The award promotes creativity in teaching and learning. Both 3rd and 5th class have been working on projects since the beginning of the year. The theme the classes have been exploring is ‘Patterns in Manmade Objects and Nature.’  We […]

Rockets and Ice-Cream

This week we’ve been very busy researching the best way to make a rocket as well as doing some market research on ice-cream. To find out how we can make the best rocket we have been trying out different reactions between sweets and soft drinks. We found that effervescent sweets and lemonade had the fizziest […]

Thank You!

A huge thank you to all the children and adults who supported the Book Fair this year, it was a huge success and will allow us to buy lots of new books for the school. Also a big thank you to the staff and children who helped out with the running of the Book Fair, […]

Springtime in NETNS

    Spring has arrived in NETNS, here are some pictures of the beauty all around us…..

Writing Checklist

This week my 5th Class group have been busy making a display for my room. We have come up with reminders that everyone needs before and after writing and we are working on making a clear and attractive display of the reminders for the wall. In small groups we brainstormed what children can forget when […]

Poetry Pros!

In our reading groups over the last two weeks we have been working on poetry. We read a great poem called “Trouser Hunt” about a boy who was looking for his trousers in a very messy bedroom. We chatted about what things can get lost from time to time at home or at school like […]

NETNS Book Week 2014: Thank You!

What an exciting week we’ve had here in NETNS celebrating books and reading! A HUGE Thank you to the parents and guardians who visited to read to the classes during the week all of you made it a very special week for us. Thank you to all the staff and children for taking part in the Book Week […]