JI, SI AND 1st Class get ready for their school tour

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st class are all set for their school tour to Castlecomer Discovery Park on Wednesday 21st of March. Don’t forget your permission slips which are due back on Monday!  Keep an eye on the website for some pics of the day! Make sure and bring warm cloths!

Senior Infants go Historical

Senior Infants have been working very hard this week on their History project about their old toys. We took in old toys to show everyone what we had when we were babies.  We had great fun. Check out the photos…

Stop eile ar Slí Áitiúil

Páistí ar slí áitiúil

 Bhí na páistí ar slí áitiúil inniú! Shiúil na páistí  as rang Naíonán Shóisearach, Naíonán Sinsearach, Rang a hAon agus Rang a dó go dtí an Churrach. We all enjoyed our walk on the Curragh today!

Senior Infants welcomes Eimear!

In Senior Infants we have been very lucky to have had two teachers in the class with us for the past two weeks.  Eimear is a post-grad student from St. Patrick’s College in Drumcondra.  She will be with us for another 3 weeks. We have been doing lots of different topics with Eimear like playing […]

Poet visits Junior and Senior Infants!

Children in Junior and Senior Infants gathered together today for a talk about Poetry and writing.

Senior Infants Parachuting

Here are some pics of Senior Infants doing PE with the parachute.

Senior Infants are for the birds!

We have the bird table from our old school and we’re using it again.  We’re hoping to spot different types of birds.  We have put out seeds and nuts to feed them. We will make sure and take photos of all the birds and put them on the website for everyone to see.

Infants Enjoying Board Game Day!

Junior and Senior infants enjoyed National Board Game Day.  Check out the photos!

Halla Glas open for business

We have started to use our halla glas this week and it’s been great fun!  Every class in the school has had a chance to use it and play some games.  We’re really excited about being able to do PE in all weathers!! Here are some photos of Senior Infants playing football!

Senior Infants showing off!

We have been working really hard for the past few weeks to learn our sounds.  We have been writing out words, spelling and learning songs about the sounds too. Here are a few picture of us showing Gerry on our own whiteboards exactly how good we are!

Senior Infants go on a sound walk

Senior infants have been learning about sounds this week and about all the different sounds we hear every day.  We discovered that if you close your eyes and really concentrate you can hear much better.  We heard alot of sounds around the school, from the classes and from outside too.  We then went to the […]

Senior Infants love brushing their teeth

In senior Infants we have been talking about brushing our teeth and how it is so important to do it at night and in the morning too.  We have been looking at what happens to teeth we don’t look after and have been learning that we can’t rush the job – we have to take […]

Senior Infants have a busy September!

We have had a busy month so far in Senior Infants! We have been getting use to our new school and we have been doing great with all the hard work we have this year!! The school building has been amazing and we love all the new space we have and that we can go […]