Learning about people from long ago…

Senior Infants have been learning about Anne Frank this week. We found out that she was a famous Jewish girl who had to go into hiding from the Nazis. She kept a diary and that is how we know all about her life.  Using our wonderful interactive whiteboard we were able to visit the secret attic […]

All the people who help us in school.

This week Senior Infants talked about all the different people who help us in our school, inside and outside of the classroom. We came up with some great ideas of how we can help those people too and even made thank you cards for lots of the people who work in our school. All week […]

Let’s be fair

This week as part of Croí na Scoile Senior Infants were exploring the important idea of fairness and today in class we had a special Fair and Share day where we made an extra special effort to be fair to all the people in our class and ensure we thought about how we could all […]

Making Fireworks!

This week Senior Infants learnt how to make spatter paintings using some paint and a toothbrush! Inspired by a video of a fireworks display we worked so well together and were very patient taking our turns at using the paintbrushes. The results are some amazing night-time fireworks displays. ( I was hoping to display a […]

All the way from China

This week Senior Infants learnt about the country China. We looked at pictures of rice, chopsticks, rickshaws and lanterns. We even made our own individual lanterns in art this week where we painted the Chinese symbol for ‘peace’ on the front. They look fantastic…. And a big thank you to Sarah who brought in amazing […]

What Senior Infants are made of…

This week in Science our class learnt that things are made from different materials like wood, textiles, glass, stone and metal. Just like The Three Little Pigs made their houses from different materials we can choose to make things from the best material for the job. We sorted pictures of different objects into the right […]

Come aboard the Addition Bus

This week in Senior Infants we had great fun adding up on our addition bus on the interactive whiteboard and we also discovered a secret about adding the number zero. In science we started recording the heights of all the boys and girls in our class. We will measure them all again in June and […]

What talent there is in Senior Infants!

This week in Senior Infants we talked about all the different talents we have. We even had a mini-talent show for our class. We found that all the boys and girls had different talents including singing, dancing, comedy, gymnastics and exercises. We look forward to sharing and developing all of  our talents more over the […]

Fun and games

In my room this week, I had lots of children visiting me for the first time ever. There was a great variety of activities and everyone enjoyed themselves. Catherine made a lovely Angelina Ballerina jigsaw. Aidan went fishing! James built caves and bridges with blocks. Leon and Raveen made worms and hedgehogs with Play-doh. Ryan, […]

Senior Infant News

Senior Infants have had a great month so far and we are looking forward to the year ahead. This week Senior Infants have been telling the class ‘Our News’ every morning. We are all working hard to listen to everyone’s news and think of interesting questions we can ask them about their news. It’s great […]

We will miss you Gerry

What is good news for the new Portlaoise Educate Together National School is bad news for our school.   Gerry our senior infants teacher will be leaving our school to take up the post of Principal in Portlaoise. He will be missed a lot. He is a great teacher who loves the Irish language and […]

JI, SI AND 1st Class get ready for their school tour

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st class are all set for their school tour to Castlecomer Discovery Park on Wednesday 21st of March. Don’t forget your permission slips which are due back on Monday!  Keep an eye on the website for some pics of the day! Make sure and bring warm cloths!

Senior Infants go Historical

Senior Infants have been working very hard this week on their History project about their old toys. We took in old toys to show everyone what we had when we were babies.  We had great fun. Check out the photos…

Stop eile ar Slí Áitiúil

Páistí ar slí áitiúil

 Bhí na páistí ar slí áitiúil inniú! Shiúil na páistí  as rang Naíonán Shóisearach, Naíonán Sinsearach, Rang a hAon agus Rang a dó go dtí an Churrach. We all enjoyed our walk on the Curragh today!