This week in Seomra Trish…

Some of second class began illustrating the monster story that they wrote. They really have worked so well as a team and have shown great consideration for each other. We’re really excited about seeing the final product. Some of the monster portraits are just plain spooky! I have popped into 4th class during maths during […]

Beautiful manners

Tom and Finbarr went on some messages today and were complimented all around the school for their gentlemanly ways and impeccable manners. Such an inspiration!

Good advice from a Junior Infant!

Sacra and I were so impressed yesterday at Michael’s motto for yard: “If I wouldn’t like it done to me, I don’t do it to somebody else!” Good tip, Michael, and thanks for sharing!

Marvellous Mathematicians

Wow, we are such clever boys and girls in 3rd Class. This week we have been working extremely hard on borrowing and renaming. We have even moved on to renaming hundreds, tens and units with this. CONGRATULATIONS to all the boys and girls for their hard work, keep it up!

Our trip to the Library

On our trip to the library a man called Martin told us all about Vikings. It was very interesting. He also told us about how the Vikings got to Ireland and that Viking’s blood is in us. Some of us got to try on clothes they wore to protect them when they were fighting. There […]

Be positive!

Well done to everyone who has been making our school a really positive place. There have been compliments flying all round the place, putting smiles on everyone’s faces! The next tip is to do something small that helps another person out. You could hold the door open for the next person. You could pick up […]

Artistic Junior Infants

Junior Infants were very creative in my room today. Darragh made an enormous wobbly penguin out of Megabloks. Aoife created a beautiful fireworks picture using pegs and Jessie completed two My Little Pony jigsaws. We had great fun with lots of laughs, especially when the wobbly penguin wobbled over and crashed all around the room!

Come aboard the Addition Bus

This week in Senior Infants we had great fun adding up on our addition bus on the interactive whiteboard and we also discovered a secret about adding the number zero. In science we started recording the heights of all the boys and girls in our class. We will measure them all again in June and […]

Budding Poets in Sixth Class!

This week we have been looking at various features of poetry. We are currently working on compiling a class anthology of poems. Here are two of our poems; A Home by Aoife Winter My home is on a rainbow, My home is on the sea, My home is really anywhere My imagination wants to be. […]

Seomra Trish

The children from 2nd and 4th class have been very busy in resource. We have begun some really inventive creative stories and some 2nd class pupils are even going to make their story into a book. It won’t be long now until they are published authors! Some students are really enjoying practicing their sentence composition […]

Junior Infant Curriculum Meetings

If you were unable to attend the Junior Infant Curriculum Meetings this morning, copies of the notes are available from the postboxes outside Orla’s Room and Sacra’s Room. Thank you!

First Class Nature Walk

We had a great adventure on Wednesday when we got a chance to explore the nature in the wooded area behind the school. We saw different kinds of trees and beautiful autumn leaves! We even discovered a Horse Chestnut tree with lots of conkers on the ground around it! Some of the children discovered a […]

Yom Kippur in First Class

Well done to first class who made beautiful Yom Kippur greeting cards today. Before we made our cards we read a story about a man named Joseph and learned about the Jewish religion. After our story we learned about a special day that the Jewish people celebrate every year called Yom Kippur. On this special […]

We are all different!!

Junior Infants have been very busy discovering about themselves and how everyone is different! We carried out an exciting science activity during the week where we took fingerprints! We traced around our hand on white paper. Then, we rubbed one of our fingers on some charcoal. Finally, we placed our finger on some sticky tape […]

Nemo’s news!Sixth Class

                                                        Here are some pictures of  us working on our clay sculptures. Hi I’m Ríona! I’m in Sixth class. My friends call me Nemo (don’t ask why!) This is my first year in NETNS and my first time writing an article for the school website or any school website! I love this school because […]