Adventures in the woods!!!

Junior Infants went on a very exciting trip today to the woods…….well when we say woods we mean the wooded area at the back of our school!! The children had lots of fun collecting sycamore leaves and conkers from deciduous trees and pine cones from evergreen trees! We had been learning about these trees over the […]

Junior Infants learn about Autumn

Junior Infants have been learning all about Autumn this week. Some of the children went on nature walks with their families and brought in some of the things they found. We had lots of conkers and nuts to show everyone.  We also learnt that the leaves on trees change colour in Autumn and they begin […]

Marble madness!

Some Junior Infant children had great fun in my room today playing with Marble Run. We created amazing tracks and ran races with different coloured marbles. We learned lots about playing together, sharing, using our fingers and brains together and having fun at school.

Croí na Scoile in Junior Infants

Throughout the last few weeks, Junior Infants have been learning lots of new things about the Jewish Belief System. A symbol of Judaism is the “Star of David” which is named after King David. Jewish people also have a special building which they like to visit called a S. A special person who works in […]

Good advice from a Junior Infant!

Sacra and I were so impressed yesterday at Michael’s motto for yard: “If I wouldn’t like it done to me, I don’t do it to somebody else!” Good tip, Michael, and thanks for sharing!

Artistic Junior Infants

Junior Infants were very creative in my room today. Darragh made an enormous wobbly penguin out of Megabloks. Aoife created a beautiful fireworks picture using pegs and Jessie completed two My Little Pony jigsaws. We had great fun with lots of laughs, especially when the wobbly penguin wobbled over and crashed all around the room!

Junior Infant Curriculum Meetings

If you were unable to attend the Junior Infant Curriculum Meetings this morning, copies of the notes are available from the postboxes outside Orla’s Room and Sacra’s Room. Thank you!

We are all different!!

Junior Infants have been very busy discovering about themselves and how everyone is different! We carried out an exciting science activity during the week where we took fingerprints! We traced around our hand on white paper. Then, we rubbed one of our fingers on some charcoal. Finally, we placed our finger on some sticky tape […]

A special visitor

My room had a special visitor this afternoon. Clara is on teaching practice in our school at the moment and she took this afternoon to see what happens in the Junior Learning Support/Resource Room. She enjoyed – seeing a racing car created out of wood and nails on a cork-board, – making “snow-men” with Play-doh, […]

Fun and games

In my room this week, I had lots of children visiting me for the first time ever. There was a great variety of activities and everyone enjoyed themselves. Catherine made a lovely Angelina Ballerina jigsaw. Aidan went fishing! James built caves and bridges with blocks. Leon and Raveen made worms and hedgehogs with Play-doh. Ryan, […]

Well done Junior Infants!

Hello everyone, we have had a very busy and exciting first few weeks in Junior Infants! We have already begun to learn so many things and have made many new friends.  Jolly Phonics We have begun our Jolly Phonics and have finished learning about the letters s, a, t and i. Everyone has also made […]

Junior Infants’ News

Hi everyone!! We have had a very exciting few weeks in NETNS!! We have welcomed 55 new Junior Infants to the school! We have been having lots of fun in the Junior Infants’ Classrooms making new friends, exploring some of the school and learning lots of new things!!  We are working really hard on our […]


It was lovely to see our new Junior Infants playing outside today. They really enjoyed it. They listened so nicely to their teachers’ instructions and followed the guidelines really well. We were very proud! The older children in the school are back to playing with hula-hoops and skipping ropes on yard. It’s wonderful to see […]

Junior Infants host assembly

This morning Junior Infants hosted our school assembly. We have been learning various fairytales over the last few weeks and so our performance was based on this theme. Our first song was called ‘There was a princess’ which tells the story of  Sleeping Beauty. We worked in groups of three to take on the roles […]

Official Opening

Congratulations to all the Infants who performed brilliantly for all our visitors yesterday.  Along with Senior Infants we sang two songs ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ and ‘The Three Bears’.  We were on stage again later to sing our ‘Welcome’ song with all of the other classes. Today we had a well deserved fun day where […]