A week on the farm in Junior Infants

We’ve had another super week in Junior Infants. We’ve been looking at farming and the jobs that farmers do. We talked about the animals that live on farms and the crops that farmers grow. In Aistear we put Old MacDonald’s animals in the order of the song, designed and made our own farms and investigated […]

Learning about Ireland in Junior Infants

We had great fun in junior infants this week learning about Ireland, we learnt that Ireland is a small country surrounded by water, which means Ireland is an island. In aistear we put loads of important Irish landmarks on a map of Ireland. We also learnt about Ireland a long time ago, for role play […]

Junior Infants Name Week

This week junior infants spent a lot of time practicing writing our names with a capital letter at the start. We made door hangers, caterpillar names, graffiti names and even self portraits with our names on top. We have been learning about the sound ‘j’ and writing words like jam. David’s class have started using […]

Kissing Goodbye to MS

The Student council would like to say a huge thank you to the whole NETNS community for the huge support for our MS fundraiser and awareness day. We raised over seven hundred euro for MS Ireland!! The children made such a huge effort dressing up, making banners and learning about MS. It has been incredible […]

Kissing Goodbye to MS

The student council are delighted to announce that this year NETNS will be hosting our first ever MS fundraiser and awareness day, we are doing our part to kiss goodbye to MS. On Thursday (16th Feb) the student council are asking all members of the school community to wear something red (you can be as […]

A class of paleontologists

We’ve had a super week in Junior Infants exploring the world of dinosaurs! We asked questions about them such as; ‘Why did they come to Earth?’ and ‘Where are the dinosaurs now?’. We looked at different types of dinosaur and explored the differences between carnivores and herbivores. We talked about the important job of paleontologists […]

Magnets in Junior Infants

We had a great a great week in Junior infants learning all about magnets. During aistear we made our own magnets of people/places important to us, we made magnetic letters and investigated items which are magnetic. We had so much fun this week with magnets. In phonics we looked at the sound ‘u’ and wrote […]

Pushes and Pulls in Junior Infants

This week in Junior Infants we have been looking at forces. We talked about pushes and pulls. In Aistear we played with toys that needed pushing or pulling, shaped and changed mala with tools, made paper darts and also made pull along toys from recycled card and bottle tops. In phonics we learnt about the […]

Games from the Past

We had another great week in junior infants learning about games from the past during Aistear. This week we played in the toy shop, made our own versions of snakes and ladders and even made our own peg dolls. This week in phonics we looked at the sound ‘o’. We had a great surprise on […]

Junior Infants Playing Games from the Past

This week in junior infants we were very busy. In phonics we learnt the sound ‘g’ and did loads of fun activities to help us write the sound. In maths we learnt all about patterns and in Gaeilge we started learning about éadaí. This week in our Aistear time we looked at ‘Toys from the […]

Polar explorers in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we became polar explorers, we made igloo’s, we used stamps and paint to make wonderful polar animal pictures, we had so much fun making boats (it was important that our boats were able to float) and we made polar animals out of play dough. In phonics we were learning about […]

Lost and Found in Junior Infants

This week in Junior infants we read the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. The story is set in the south pole, which we loved learning about. In Aistear we did an experiment to see which items float and which items sink, we played in the South Pole for role play, we drew pictures […]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It has been another busy week in Junior Infants. We looked at the ‘r’ sound in phonics and continued to make CVC words. In maths we looked at less, more and the same and in Gaeilge we looked at the toys that we all like to play with. In Aistear we were learning  about transport. […]

Earth, Space and a lot of lovely Aliens!

It has been a week of alien designing, planet investigating and space exploration in Junior Infants! It is fantastic to see everyone learning and developing new skills. We talked about the vast expanse of space and how much exploring there still is to do. We read the books, ‘Aliens Love Underpants!’ ‘Q Pootle 5’ and […]

More Junior Infants Space Fun

We have been having so much fun learning about Space in Junior Infants. We love playing astronauts and aliens in the role play area. We made stick puppets from our story ‘the way back home’. We loved making pictures of our own journeys through space and showing our friends what we drew. We loved making […]