WW1 and Picasso in Ruth’s 5th class

We have been working so hard on WW1 individual and group activities over the past few weeks. It is such an interesting time in history that we thoroughly enjoyed learning about it and integrating it through many subjects such as Literacy, Art, Drama and even Maths. In art we have been learning all about the […]

Peace Proms

With Peace Proms fast approaching we hope that all students taking part could practice the songs over the Winter break. Below are two links to the songs and choreography. Choreography Videos 2018 Choir Tracks 2018 v1   Thanks, Emma, Roisin and Clara

Creative writing in Ruth’s 5th class

This week we have done lots of preparation for the writing genre of narrative writing. We have taken part in several fun lessons such as investigating similes and metaphors, changing ‘boring’ sentences into exciting sentences through the use of adjectives, adverbs etc. We also invented our own characters and displayed a profile on each character. […]

Photography workshop in Ruth’s class

On Thursday we began our photography workshop with photographer Brian Cregan. We learned all about photography and its relationship with building a narrative and a 3 picture story. We then created a pictogram using negatives of pictures of ourselves and small items that mean a lot to us. We explored the grounds of the school […]

Happy Halloween from Ruth’s 5th class

As a treat for working so diligently this week the children were treated to a little party this afternoon. There were fun halloween games set up at 5 stations and many healthy and sugary treats on offer also. We all thouroughly enjoyed the day and dressing up in our Halloween costumes! Also, a big farewell […]

Maths Trail in Ruth’s 5th

We marked Maths Week on the calendar this week by taking part in some fun mathematical activities.  On Thursday we took part in a maths trail in the halla. We partnered up with Sacra’s 1st class to show them how to carry out the activities at each station. Our class really enjoyed setting up the […]

SARI workshop in Ruth’s 5th class

On Tuesday the children took part in a SARI workshop which celebrates cultural diversity in schools through games. It was a fantastic workshop which left a lasting impression with the class…. “Today we learned about racism, sexism and homophobia through game.” – David. “Everyone is important in their own way.” – Katie. “We learned to […]

Ruth’s 5th class news

We worked on many exciting lessons this week in Ruth’s 5th class. Here are some of those lessons. In Geography we studied our natural environment and the recreational activities that people can take part in. In groups we did project work on an activity and location of our choice. Examples are abseiling, fishing, potholing and […]

Ruth’s 5th class news

Here are some of the many things we did in class this week. We enjoyed playing Irish games based on ‘Mé Féin’ vocabulary we learned. We began our section on ‘Bia’ and we’re learning how to order breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant ‘as Gaeilge’. In Music class we are enjoying playing the tin […]

Fantastic Sports Day in Ruth’s 5th class

This Wednesday was NETNS Sports Day which was a massive success. The children loved each and every minute of it, especially enjoying the Ice Cream station and the co-operative games. They were on their best beahaviour and worked very well in their groups. Here are some photos from the day:      Enjoy the weekend […]

Brilliant fun in Dunmore East

On Wednesday both our fifth classes went on our school tour to Dunmore East Adventure Centre in County Waterford. It was an absolutely fantastic experience! We got to do activities such as archery, caving, rock climbing, pedal boating and kayaking. The childrens’ favourite activity by far was the wibit wipeout course on the water. Here […]

Clay imprints and Book Club in Ruth’s 5th class

This week in 5th class we worked on their book reviews for today’s ‘Book Club’. Over the past month we have been reading one book and thinking like a book critic as we read the book. We really enjoyed the process and also writing the book review. First of all we decorated a plan and then we […]

Ruth’s 5th Class News

This week in 5th class we conducted an experiment on gravity. We learned that the proper name for what we made using a tube, water and two basins is called a siphon. Siphons use air pressure to keep the water flowing in the tube from one basin to the other. We will continue to learn […]

5th Class News

This week in fifth class we made sculptures of emojis made from natural materials as part of construction in art. We filled our class marble jar and we went to the Curragh to play tag rugby, rounders and soccer. We have been learning all about weight in maths and in geography we have been examining […]

Sign Up After School Activities April 17

After school consent form april 17 *If possible please print off and return consent form on the first day of the activity. Teachers will distribute consent forms on the first day of the activity.   Tuesday   Indoor and Outdoor Sculpture, Elaine, 4th – 6th http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0844afad22a7fd0-outdoor   Hip hop/Jazz Dance, Fiona and Ruth, 1st – […]