Planet Earth in Second Class

We have been learning all Earth in space in class. We made our own planet Earths using marbling inks and watercolours. We really like the way they turned out!

Halloween Fun in Second Class

This week we learnt all about the history of Halloween. In English everyone wrote their own poem about a haunted house. In art we made Frankenstein heads. In SPHE we discussed fire safety. Everyone made a great effort in dressing up today and we played musical monsters at the end of the day. Have a […]

Chalk and Charcoal Skeletons

This week in second class, we looked at how to draw skeletons. We used charcoal and chalk to create them on black and white paper. We think they turned out really well! We are looking forward to our Halloween fancy dress party next week in aid of Trick or Treat for Temple Street. Get thinking […]

2nd Class News

We have had a really enjoyable September in second class. Everyone has been working hard and enjoying all the lessons. We have been busy doing project work, working on maths strategies and making a huge effort with our joined writing. We have learned lots of games in English and Irish. For PE we are going […]

Tharren’s second class Term 3 Week 2

Tharren’s second class Term 3 Week 2 It was a short week this week because of the bank holiday Monday. In Irish this week we started the story ‘Neasa ar scoil’ and we added to our Irish news writing vocabulary by adding ‘Bhí spraoi agam sa ……..’ and ‘Ní raibh spraoi agam sa ……’. In […]

2nd Class Swimming

Swimming starts for 2nd class on Monday 8th May. Your child will need the following; *Swimming bag (preferably waterproof) *Swimming costume *Swim hat (for all children regardless of hair length) *One or two towels *Fresh underwear Swim goggles Flip flops / swim socks Hair brush Shampoo and/or shower gel Plastic bag for wet gear *Your […]

Sign Up After School Activities April 17

After school consent form april 17 *If possible please print off and return consent form on the first day of the activity. Teachers will distribute consent forms on the first day of the activity.   Tuesday   Indoor and Outdoor Sculpture, Elaine, 4th – 6th   Hip hop/Jazz Dance, Fiona and Ruth, 1st – […]

Tharren’s second class Term 3 Week 1

Tharren’s second class Term 3 Week 1 We had another great week in second class. In Irish we learnt the answer to the question ‘did you do your homework last night?’. Luckily for me the answer most of the time is ‘Rinne mé mo obair bhaile aréir’. In English we learnt that sometimes we put […]

Tharren’s second class Term 2 Week 9

Tharren’s second class Term 2 Week 9 (Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th March) It was a short week this week but we managed to pack a lot in. On Tuesday we were Céilí dancing with second class from Gealscoil Chill Dara. All the children danced beautifully. After the dancing each class was asked to perform […]

Kissing Goodbye to MS

The Student council would like to say a huge thank you to the whole NETNS community for the huge support for our MS fundraiser and awareness day. We raised over seven hundred euro for MS Ireland!! The children made such a huge effort dressing up, making banners and learning about MS. It has been incredible […]

Kissing Goodbye to MS

The student council are delighted to announce that this year NETNS will be hosting our first ever MS fundraiser and awareness day, we are doing our part to kiss goodbye to MS. On Thursday (16th Feb) the student council are asking all members of the school community to wear something red (you can be as […]

Tharren’s Progress Meetings – Sign up below

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Tharren’s second class Term 2 Week 3

In Gaeilge this week we did the chapter ‘Séimí beag’. There was lots of new vocabulary to learn. The children worked really hard. We did some work on phonics looking at ‘bh’ and how it makes a ‘v’ sound. There is no ’v’ in the Irish language alphabet. We also looked at ‘á’ and how […]

Tharren’s second class Term 2 Week 2

In Gaeilge this week we did the second half of the chapter ‘Báibín Nua’. We played a game where the children in groups of six had to question and answer who had what in their hands. We also practised the song ‘Trasna na dTonnta’. In the game ‘Teacher against the children’ I have caught up […]

Tharren’s second class Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back after the school holidays   In Gaeilge this week we did the story ‘Báibín Nua’. The children dramatised the story. I was so happy with the work I was seeing in the classroom.  In the competition ‘The Teacher against the Children’ I have to report that the children won (sad face). They got the […]