Christopher Columbus in First Class

In our history lessons we have been learning all about Christopher Columbus. He was a sailor. The King and Queen of Spain gave him three ships. The ships were called The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria. He wanted to find a new way to India. He did not sail to India but sailed […]

Little frogs in First Class!

This week we made little frogs during our Art lesson. The boys and girls worked really well together and helped each other to finish their frogs. Take a look at the pictures below!

Sign Up – After School Activities

We’re looking forward to a new term of after school activities. Next week consent forms will be sent home to be signed and can be returned the first day of the activity.   Tuesday Dan, Soccer (Draughts if raining), 3rd – 6th Peter, Football, 1st-3rd Elaine, Bodhrán, 3rd – 6th Natalie, Chess, […]

Our first week in First Class!

All of the boys and girls have been working really hard during their first week in First Class. Take a look at the pictures below!  

Thank you Rang a hAon!

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone in First Class. Thank you for the wonderful year we all had together. Thank you for making me smile and laugh everyday. Thank you for all the hard work you all did, for always trying your best and for never giving up. Thank you […]

Sports Day Fun in First Class!

On Wednesday we had our sports day! Everyone had such a great day! Here is a list of the activities we got to take part in: relay races, fun races, dress up relay, obstacle course, water relay, penalty shoot out and parachute games. We also got the opportunity to have some fun on a bouncy […]

First Class School Tour

First Class went on their school tour on Tuesday. Everyone had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the activities! Take a look at the pictures below!  

3D Shapes in First Class

This week in Maths we have been learning all about 3D shapes. We have been focusing on cubes, cuboids, spheres and cylinders. We even made some cubes of our own! Take a look at the pictures below.  

Deirdre’s Room

      This week, 1st class have been working on figuring out word problems. Sometimes, it can be tricky to know whether we should be adding or taking away, but we have a few problem-solving tricks up our sleeves now and we’re doing really well!   Senior Infants have been doing wonderful work practicing […]

Minibeasts in First Class

This week we have been learning about minibeasts. We went on a walk to the wooded area at the back of our school and we found lots of minibeasts! We found snails, slugs, spiders and worms. We also learnt some interesting facts about them. We now know that worms have no eyes and ears but they […]

Art in First Class!

This week in our Art lesson we used clay to make snakes. We can’t wait until they are dry so we can paint them! Take a look at the pictures below!

Florence Nightingale in First Class

Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and the amazing work that she did.   Take a look at the link below to play a game about Florence and her work:   Have fun everyone!    

1st class swimming

We can confirm that the pool will be available to us on Monday next, so the children will have swimming lessons on Monday 18th and 25th April as originally scheduled. The Department of Defence has made the pool available to us on two days in order to make up the lessons for first class that […]

First Class Art

Take a look at the boys and girls working hard during Art time this week! We will be working on this again next week. We can’t wait to see the finished result!  

Siulóid sa Churragh

As part of our Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations we went on a walk on the Curragh. We went to see Fionn MacCumhaill!  Everyone had a great time! Take a look at the pictures below!