Super-safety conscious children!

A huge well done to Molly in First Class who spotted a puddle at her class’ cloakroom today, left from some wet boots this morning! She went straight to get paper towels to wipe it up in case it caused an accident! Well done Molly!

First Class Stories!

Three children from First Class worked hard on these First Class Stories today! They picked out four tricky words each and then turned them into a story. Molly and Ella’s Story “I’m going to the library with all my friends” said Emily. “I cant wait because I want to pick a nice book with long […]

Animal Projects

There was great excitement in First Class this week as we began our very first projects. We all chose an animal we would like to research and began searching for information books in our library. Some children went on the internet with an adult at home to get more information on their animal. Using the information […]

How are you feeling?

This week in First Class we have been talking about feelings. We talked about the different kinds of feelings we can have; sometimes we feel sad and other times we feel happy. We talked about times when we can feel angry or scared. We we very lucky because everyone was very honest when we were […]

Exploring Colour in First Class

Today in first class we discussed our favourite colours. We talked about how colours make us feel and what words we could use to describe them; blue makes us feel cold and pink is fluffy, red makes us feel sporty and black is hard. We also experimented with a special kind of painting. We mixed […]

Farm Friends

It was a cloudy evening. The stars were coming out and the moon was in the sky. All of the little farm animals were snuggling up with their mammies and daddies. The fox was looking for his dinner but the hen and the duck managed to escape. The cow and the sheep got into a […]

Fionn and the Dragon

This week, First class have been learning about the story of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Dragon. We imagined we were brave warriors in the Fianna and we got to touch the dragon while he was asleep in his cave. Today, we talked about how the dragon felt and how we could draw the different […]

Spooky First Class

First Class had a very spooky week preparing for Halloween. We carved pumpkins and 5 lucky children get to take them home after our Halloween raffle. We made acrostic poems about pumpkins and practised our play “Spooky Monster”. In Music we learned how to sing our song “The Witch” in a spooky way and we […]

Compliments flying in Junior Infants

Orla, Sacra and I were so proud when we overheard a conversation between two children in Junior Infants this morning. After a lovely Autumn walk, Sean held the door for everyone on the way back in. Walking down the corridor, Dylan turned to him and said “Sean, you did a great job back there!” That […]

Amazing Artists in First Class

First class have done some fantastic art over the last few weeks. . . We looked at some famous self portraits and then had a go at drawing our own faces; we paid lots of attention to the details of our faces and hair and we’re very happy with the results. After learning about Christopher […]

First Class Nature Walk

We had a great adventure on Wednesday when we got a chance to explore the nature in the wooded area behind the school. We saw different kinds of trees and beautiful autumn leaves! We even discovered a Horse Chestnut tree with lots of conkers on the ground around it! Some of the children discovered a […]

Yom Kippur in First Class

Well done to first class who made beautiful Yom Kippur greeting cards today. Before we made our cards we read a story about a man named Joseph and learned about the Jewish religion. After our story we learned about a special day that the Jewish people celebrate every year called Yom Kippur. On this special […]

A special visitor

My room had a special visitor this afternoon. Clara is on teaching practice in our school at the moment and she took this afternoon to see what happens in the Junior Learning Support/Resource Room. She enjoyed – seeing a racing car created out of wood and nails on a cork-board, – making “snow-men” with Play-doh, […]


Well done to Sadhbh in 4th class who was caught spreading a smile! Congratulations also to 2nd class who brighten everyone’s day with their huge efforts to be mannerly and respectful as they move around the school! A big Thank You to Leon in 1st class whose infectious giggle cheered up Clara and myself today! […]

Fun and games

In my room this week, I had lots of children visiting me for the first time ever. There was a great variety of activities and everyone enjoyed themselves. Catherine made a lovely Angelina Ballerina jigsaw. Aidan went fishing! James built caves and bridges with blocks. Leon and Raveen made worms and hedgehogs with Play-doh. Ryan, […]