Progress Meetings – Early Finish

Progress Meetings will take place during the coming weeks.  Teachers will inform individual parents /guardians of their own specific time, day and date. Due to Department regulations (circular 10/04), progress meetings must take place outside school hours.  School will close to pupils (1st to 6th class) on Wednesday 6th February at 1.55pm in order to […]

Bird Watching

This week we have been bird watching each morning in Hilda’s classroom. We have seen lots of different birds such as chaffinches, grey tits, magpies and blackbirds. We have been looking at how the birds eat and how we can tell what type of bird it is. Did you know that the blackbird usually eats […]

The Cinema comes to 1st class!!

It has been a busy week in 1st class, settling back into the routine of school again after the holidays but thankfully we haven’t forgotten any of our classroom rules and we’ve had a very productive week. We went to see Sleeping Beauty on Wednesday and were very well behaved!!! We got a paper chain […]

A trip to the hairdressers!!!

Our grassheads haven’t stopped grown over the past few weeks with all our loving care! Our windowsill was beginning to look like a lawn so we decided a trip to the hairdressers was needed! We had great fun cutting the grassheads hair any style we liked! Have a look at before and after!

Doodle for Google Competition

A massive congratulations to everyone who took part in the recent Doodle for Google competition, there were some fabulous entries and it was incredibly difficult to select the six entries that we could send to Google.   We wish we could have sent them all! On Monday this week we sent away the designs to Google’s offices […]

Websites, Neil Armstrong, and Planting Daffodils!

What a busy week!  There was so much going on! The 2nd Class Project Group finished their great work on the website they have been building all about school life in the past and now.  You can see it here. They’ve put in some fantastic work to write all about Roman, Greek and Irish Schools. […]

Salt Dough Ornaments

We’ve had lots of fun today making salt dough creations! Denise brought in salt dough for us and we each got a piece to create our very own salt dough ornament. We loved playing with the salt dough and making lots of different shapes. The salt dough is now on our window where it’s going […]

Feeding the birds

I had some brilliant helpers this week from Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Classes who came and helped me to feed the birds. We talked about the different types of food that birds (and squirrels) like to eat and the different places they look for food.  We worked to together to put some more seed […]

Feeding the wildlife in the woods

Today I had some super helpers from both Denise and Therese’s 1st Classes. As the weather is getting colder and there is less food to find it was time to stock up the feeders and the bird table. We talked about the different foods the birds like and the different places they like to feed.  Some […]

The Heineken Cup Comes to NETNS!

  Today The Heineken cup, won by Leinster, came for a visit to N.E.T.N.S. We all went into the Halla Glás, and while we were sitting down, Elma & Sadhbh, the caretakers of the cup, brought it in and showed everyone. We asked loads of Questions. Here are some of the questions: 1. How many […]

1st Class Explorers!

We have been learning all about exploring this week! We have learnt who Christopher Columbus is and what he did. We are also learning all about the Autumn Leaves and looking forward to becoming explorers next week!!

Leabhair Gaeilge

First class have had a lovely week. We have been working hard and we are learning lots of new things in class. Our Irish is improving the whole time and this week we listened to two lovely Irish books every day , ‘Ar Strae Beagán’ and ‘Stiúcaí Stiúgtha’. They are really exciting and we love […]

Working Hard!

The past few weeks have been very exciting. We have lots of new reward systems in place and 1st class have been busy learning how to work together as a team and how to be the best they can in class! We have individual rewards where everybody focuses on earning Golden Time at the end […]

Welcome Back First Class!

Welcome back to all the boys and girls in Denise’s class and Therese’s class! We were very excited on Tuesday morning be the first classes in the new wing of the school. We are looking forward to filling the walls with our wonderful work. This week we have been working hard on making our class […]