A Mexican Christmas!

This week, First Class were learning about Christmas traditions in other countries. We also read a Christmas story from Mexico and learned why the poinsettia flower is used at Christmas time. Today, to celebrate us filling our party jar full of marbles we got a pinata! Pinata’s are a Christmas tradition in Mexico and we […]

Winter Art

First Class have been having lots of fun making winter decorations for the Winter Fair. We have made fabric and fibre trees using old party hats and wool. We have made a winter wonderland with our trees outside the classroom. We also recycled toilet rolls to make twinkling stars, we’re really looking forward to hanging […]

Websites, Neil Armstrong, and Planting Daffodils!

What a busy week!  There was so much going on! The 2nd Class Project Group finished their great work on the website they have been building all about school life in the past and now.  You can see it here. They’ve put in some fantastic work to write all about Roman, Greek and Irish Schools. […]

We Have Magic Shoes

After learning the poem “Magic Shoes” by Brian Moses we has lots for fun turning some old shoes into magic shoes! Here are photos of our magic shoes

First Class Olympians

This week First Class had a fun-filled P.E.  lesson. We worked in our groups at stations around the Halla. Each station had a different activity; long jump, hurdles, javelin, beanbag throw and beanbag bouncing. We took turns and encouraged each other so it was lots of fun. Every group had a turn at each station […]

Feeding the birds

I had some brilliant helpers this week from Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Classes who came and helped me to feed the birds. We talked about the different types of food that birds (and squirrels) like to eat and the different places they look for food.  We worked to together to put some more seed […]

Feeding the wildlife in the woods

Today I had some super helpers from both Denise and Therese’s 1st Classes. As the weather is getting colder and there is less food to find it was time to stock up the feeders and the bird table. We talked about the different foods the birds like and the different places they like to feed.  Some […]

Guz Visits First Class

We had two very special visitors to our class today; Nuala and her friend Guz. Nuala brought Guz to our school to learn how to save energy. Nuala told us that Guz was always wasting energy.Once she came home to find him watching TV, listening to the radio and playing the computer at the same […]

Green Sounds

This week in Science we have been learning about sounds. We discussed loud and soft sounds that we hear every day. We thought of some sounds that warn us about things like ambulance sirens and fire alarms. Yesterday we went on a sound walk around the school to listen to the sounds around us. When […]

The Wolf’s Side Of The Story

This week in Literacy we read the story of the “Three Little Pigs”. We read all about the hungry wolf blowing down the houses of the little pigs but in Drama we heard the wolf’s side of the story. We decided to have a trial to decide if the wolf was guilty or not guilty. […]

Maths Week in First Class

We had great fun celebrating Maths in our class this week. Here are some photos of the fun we had learning about 2-D shapes.

Tree Day in First Class

To celebrate Tree Day on 11th October, we have been learning about trees in  our class this week. In Geography we learned about interesting trees from around the world like the sequoia tree. The sequoia is the biggest tree in the world. We looked at a picture of a car driving under a bridge in […]


Giraffes by James Mullins, First Class This week I have  been using the National Geographic kids website to help me learn all about giraffes. I discovered lots of interesting facts such as Giraffes are the tallest land animals on earth Giraffes usually sleep standing up because it can take too long for a giraffe to get back up on […]

The Heineken Cup Comes to NETNS!

  Today The Heineken cup, won by Leinster, came for a visit to N.E.T.N.S. We all went into the Halla Glás, and while we were sitting down, Elma & Sadhbh, the caretakers of the cup, brought it in and showed everyone. We asked loads of Questions. Here are some of the questions: 1. How many […]

In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue!

We had lots of fun learning about Christopher Columbus over the last two weeks. In History we learned all about his adventure in his three boats, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria across the sea to find India. We found out that he discovered America by accident and called all the people he […]