What am I? Haiku Poems

This week in First Class we have been learning about Haiku poetry. Haiku poems began in Japan and have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third. We read some Haiku poems and we had lots of fun writing our own poems. Together we wrote some haiku riddles; […]

An Coiste Gaeilge

Dia dhaoibh gach duine, Anois tá Coiste Gaeilge, (Irish committee) againn sa scoil. Ta duine amháin as gach rang ó rang a haon go dtí rang a sé ar an bhfoireann. Bhí toghcháin iontach againn I ngach rang agus anois tá ochtar againn ar choiste Gaeilge NETNS. Is iad na daoine ar Choiste Gaeilge NETNS […]

Winter Fun Slideshow

Here is a link to a slideshow of the fun activities we’ve been doing in First Class this December… http://animoto.com/play/yw104fdDJ4R3rrQolp6dCg Happy Holidays every one!

Snow People

    Last week in Art we made cool snow people using paper cups, felt, pom-poms and pipe-cleaners. Here are some pictures of our creations….

Toys in the Past

Over the past two weeks, First Class have been looking at what toys looked like long ago. We examined some pictures of old toys and found out that most toys were wooden while most toys today are plastic. We also interviewed people at home about their favourite toys when they were in school.  Thank you […]

We Have Magic Shoes!

This week First Class have been reading the poem “Magic Shoes” by Brian Moses. We enjoyed the poem so much we decided to write our own verses for it, here is what we created together….   I’ve got a pair of magic shoes, I can fly as high as the Eiffel Tower, I can come back […]

Reading Buddies

This week First Class got to meet their Fourth Class reading buddies. Our reading buddies listened to our reading and helped us to sound out any new words. They also asked us some questions about the stories we read. We really enjoyed reading with Fourth Class because they were so friendly and helpful and they […]

Sounds Good!

This week in First Class we have been learning about the science behind sound. We looked at how sound travels through the ear and we tried out playing some musical instruments. Today we worked in pairs to make our our own musical instruments, it was lots of fun and they sound great. Here are some […]

1st and 2nd Class

Here is a photograph of 1st and 2nd class enjoying themselves with Niall De Búrca today. He was a very funny storyteller. 

Athletics Fun in First Class

Over the past three week we have been learning about athletics in P.E. We have been been learning about how to sprint and we tried out some different starting positions and relays. We also learned about running for long distances and today we learned about throwing. We threw our beanbags very far by planting our […]

Halloween Antics in First Class

We have been having lots of Halloween fun in our class over the last few weeks, click on the link below to see a slideshowof the fun we had…. http://animoto.com/play/TCVJ1zF2HInyXv4s63XshA

Maths Week in First Class

We had lots of fun with Maths this week to celebrate Maths Week. Here are some of the Maths games we played….

A Walk in the Woods

To celebrate National Tree Day, First Class went to the woods on a leaf hunt. We each took a leaf identifier with us to find out what trees are growing in the woods. We saw birch, beech, sycamore and horse chestnut trees. We examined the seeds on the trees and found some beautifully coloured leaves […]

Egg-citing Experiment: The Results

  Last week in First Class we did an experiment to see what some drinks do to our teeth if we forget to brush. We put eggs into glasses of blackcurrant, cola, diluted orange and water. We used eggs because the shells are similar to our teeth. Here are pictures of the eggs after 3 […]

After School Activities – 3.10pm Collection

  We’re looking forward to getting the after school activities started this week. All activities are going ahead except the Knitting Club which unfortunately did not have sufficient numbers. All activities finish at 3.10 pm.