To Infinity and Beyond!

We had another fabulous week looking at the topic of Space… check the photos at our class site at

Wellness week in NETNS

This week in NETNS we had fun celebrating wellness week by doing some fun mindfulness activities. Some of the favourites were guided meditation, mindfulness colouring, mindfulness yoga, random acts of kindness, positive emotions bank and writing acrostic poems about mindfulness. After mindfulness week we now know the importance of looking after our mental health and […]

Dinosaurs Continued in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we continued exploring and investigating as paleontologists. We made clay dinosaurs, paper plate dinosaurs and wrote our own dinosaurs stories (with a beginning, middle and end). We had so much fun and can’t wait to see what we will be learning about after the mid-term break. Kim and Clara can’t […]

Tom’s Room

This week we have been exploring place value. The children were able to order and compare different whole and decimal numbers. In 6th class the group looked at a game where they needed to pick random numbers to create a decimal number. The player with the biggest number won the game. The children were very […]

Paleontologists in Junior Infants

Have a look at our week exploring dinosaurs and fossils in junior infants. It was so much fun, we made mala dinosaurs, created our own dinosaurs, played as paleontologists in the dig and wrote our own dinosaur books.

Space in First Class

This week we have been learning all about Space! We have been learning about the Sun, the Moon, Day and Night and we also got the opportunity to make some Space rockets! We have had such a great time!

Niamh’s 4th Class

We have had a busy two weeks in 4th class, some of the students have written articles explaining what we have been learning. Junior Achievement by Samanta We are very lucky to have had Kelly come into our class the last two Tuesdays for the Junior Achievement Programme. The first week we learned about how companies […]

Healthy Living Continued in Junior Infants

In junior infants this week we continued learning about keeping our minds and bodies healthy. In Aistear we played in the doctors surgery, we made healthy food in the kitchen, we examined and made xrays. Finally we used our sense of taste to identify different fruit and vegetables while blindfolded. It was great fun. Loads […]

5th class News

This week 5th class finished up on their gymnastics lessons with a floor performance in groups that incorporated props. The pupils really stuck together to make very creative synchronized dance. They used benches as beams and mats to show their skills at tumbles, cartwheels and hand stands. Next week 5th class will return to swimming […]

Tom’s Room

This week in 3rd class we have been looking at adding and taking away. The children were able to create different numbers using place value counters and worked together to add them and take them away from each other. The group worked well to calculate how to carry over when adding and used the counters […]

This week in Sinéad’s 5th class

This week in 5th, the class earned their first stage of the marble jar, which meant they got to have pancakes on Friday. It was a lovely way to end the week as the class worked hard to earn the marbles. During the week the class started a new topic in maths: Number Theory. Also […]

The Senses in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we were learning about the five senses. During role play we played in the doctor’s surgery. We were so excited when someone brought in a real stethoscope for us to look at. One group used their ears to listen to a variety of sounds and draw what they heard. Another […]

5th Class News

Over the past 2 weeks, 5th class have been busy working with wool in art. They started weaving with wool to make coasters and this week they are designing yarn art. This type of art required a lot of patience as the boys and girls glue their wool prints together on card. They are turning […]

After School Sign Up Links Term 2

After school Sign up: Starting from Tuesday the 29th of January, NETNS will be offering a selection of after-school activities.  Activities will take place from 2.10pm – 3.10pm. Activities will run for 6 weeks over a 7 week period. Mid term break is from the 18th – 22nd of January, therefore no afterschool that week. The after school activities will […]

Toys From the Past in Junior Infants

What a wonderful week we had in junior infants this week. Clara’s class had our first week of Power hour. We had such a super time. Emily helped us with our tricky words, Brendan was very impressed with our reading (we love reading books) and Clara thought we were fantastic at writing our letters in […]