Active Week and Farewell to 5th Class ?

Well, what a year it’s been! Its hard to believe the year is over already and 5th class are now N.E.T.N.S’s new 6th class. They got to celebrate this on Friday but we had a farewell on yard for the 6th class pupils of 2018/2019 and it was emotional for many. We had 2 whole […]

Raising Our Third Green Flag!

What a day! Today we celebrated the raising of our third Green Schools flag. The weather really helped us out and made the event even more special. All of us went out to the yard and celebrated together. Eimear told us all about the importance of looking after our planet, shared some brilliant facts about […]

A Sunny Week in 5th

The weather is finally back and 5th took advantage of it this week. The class started revising at the start of the week and when the sun came out, the class had a lovely trip to the Curragh on Tuesday to relax and play before the assessments began. The sun was so warm and the […]

Sports, Art and Games in 5th

What a busy week 5th class had. The week started off with Moorefield Gaelic training in the Cearnóg with two trainers. The class carried out some skill drills and then played a mini match. The sun was out and they enjoyed the break from the classroom. On Tuesday, the whole school set off for sports […]

NETNS Sports Camp

This year there will be a sports camp taking place in NETNS from Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July for students in NETNS. Forms were given out to all classes this week. If you would like your child to take part please send in the application form with your child addressed to Clara (junior […]

5th Class at Dunmore East

The week started off with a bang with the 5th class school tour to Dunmore East Activity Centre. The class were counting down the days to jumping into the water and bouncing off the blow ups at the harbour. The class left bright at early and arrived in the beautiful town of Dunmore East around […]

A Splash of Colour in 5th

Last week 5th class started a new art activity involving straws and watered down paint. They class came up with a theme and then using the straws, they blew the paint around their picture. Some pupils did sunsets, others did emojis or animals. Their creative side really came out with the designs they made. This […]

Dancing through the week in 5th

After a lovely 2 weeks off, 5th class got back into the swing of things quite quickly with some new topics. This week in 5th we started creative dance in P.E. In P.E, 5th class had to come up with a dance and use their creative side to putting the dance in sequence and making […]

5th Class and Road Safety

On our final week before the Easter break, 5th class had a really important visit from Declan, a speaker form the RSA (Road Saftey Authority) who spoke to the two 5th classes on road safety and being cautious with paths and cars. The class revisited the 3 steps to crossing the road- STOP, LOOK and […]

W.W 1 in 5th class

This week 5th class carried out some more fun extended activities on W.W 1. The class finished off their W.W 1 letters on old style paper that the class previously stained with tea bags and Sinéad burned the edges to give a ancient look to the paper. The class linked their learning of informal letters […]

5th Class Trip to Dunbrody and More!

The week started out with an amazing trip to New Ross to the Dunbrody Famine ship. We arrived early and received our tickets for the ship. After a brief introduction, we made our way to the media room to watch some clips of families during the famine. We were eager to get out to the […]

A short Week in 5th

  Following from the long weekend, 5th class had 2 days in school. On Thursday the class finished their Gaeilge posters and they looked at more information on World War 1. They saw some letters written during the war and they also looked at the conditions within the trenches back then. The class are building […]

Seactain na Gaeilge i Rang a Cúig

Bhain muid taitneamh as Seachtain na Gaeilge. I rith na seachtaine, bhíomar ag obair go dian ag caint as Gaeilge sa rang and timpeall na scoile. 5th class designed a Gaeilge board game in the previous week and they finally got to use it with 1st class. The boys and girls in 1st class really […]

Book Week in Sinéad’s 5th

Another busy week was had in 5th class as the class took part in some whole school activities to celebrate Book Week. The class had no homework on Tuesday and encouraged to pick up a book and read that for homework. They also quized their family on their favourite books. In class the pupils took […]

News in Sinéad’s 5th

Before midterm, 5th class enjoyed wellness week and also designed some beautiful colourful valentines cards. The class were also lucky to have teacher Ashley in to teach sign language. They really enjoyed the lessons. This week, 5th class were busy settling back in after the midterm break with some fun activities and enjoying some beautiful […]