Seachtain na Gaeilge in Rang a Sé

Bhaineamar an sult as Seachtain na Gaeilge sa Rang Marie agus Rang Sue. Bhíomar ag imirt cluichí Gaeilge, ag canadh agus ag damhsa le chéile agus chaitheamar a lán t-am le linn na seachtaine ag cleachtadh ár gcuid Gaeilge le chéile.  Seachtain iontach a bhí againn. Féach ar na griangraif agus bain taitneamh as!

Totems and compliments in Rang a Sé

Have a look at our finished portraits of each other. We not only painted our partners but tried really hard to describe their best qualities too. We wrote compliments about each other and Marie said they were the most amazing ones she has ever read. In the artist‘s chair we talked about our paintings and […]

6th and 2nd go on a Maths Trail for Maths Week

It was Maths week this week and apart from having great fun with the countdown questions, estimation station, challenge of the day and learning all about the Fibonacci number sequence, we also invented maths games for Róisín and Tharren’s class.  We loved playing these games with second class and were really proud of ourselves when […]

SARI Soccer visit

This week in sixth class we were so lucky to have representatives from Soccer Against Racism Ireland (SARI) come to visit us. They held workshops for us and both fifth classes to examine the area of racism and discrimination in sport. We talked a lot about how it feels to be excluded and how discrimination […]

Top secret

Sixth class have uncovered some secret files on the seven signatories of the proclamation. Next week we will look into the seven signatories more. We are also coming up with some very creative ideas for our 1916 drama. This week we also got to raise our gaelbhratach. We as a whole school put a lot […]

Sugar high

This week the whole school examined how healthy our lunch boxes were, in sixth class as part of our nutrition lessons we wanted to examine how much sugar did our school eat. Today we went around the school to every class and collected every wrapper we could. We studied the nutritional information and calculated the […]

Road safety

We had a very important talk today about road safety. We learned that we have a huge role to play in our own road safety. We went through the importance of looking both ways when crossing the road but also to have patience when crossing the road. One fact that surprised us was at traffic […]

Gaeltacht fundraisers

This week we are putting our brains together to come up with some fundraising ideas to help us get to the Gaeltacht. So far we have a 5 a side soccer tournament during lunch that we will organise and run and a sponsored run. We plan to run the distance to the Gaeltacht in the […]

RDS Primary science fair

We had a great day on Saturday showing all our hard work. We got to bring people over and go through our project step by step. We noticed that a lot of adults remembered when they made paper airplanes when they were in school they were all very impressed with our research. We also got […]

That’s a Bernoulli

We are busy with our RDS primary science fair project. We have dedicated an hour on Wednesday to get as much done as we can in school. This week we built some paper airplanes. It’s not as easy as it looks. We will have some test flights soon. We also examined some of the theory […]

Questions answered , answers questioned !!

We had two debates in our class this week.The motion we were debating was should we raise money for developing in schools. We had one where the whole class were involved. It was a great debate and alter picked 4 great debaters from our class to go forward to the school debate. The school debate […]

Rugby world cup

We are enjoying the rugby World Cup in sixth class. We made this display showing all the countries competing in the competition. We also are doing a big project on every country. We picked a team out of the hat and we are following them until the end. We earn points based on wins but […]

Old vs new

Last week we had our first project of the year. Peter asked us to research old schools or retro schools and newer schools. We had great fun with history last week. We presented our work over two days.   It was great to see all the hard work we put into it. Some people made […]