Hearts and smiles from Rang a Sé

As a follow up to last week’s post on clay hearts, here are the finished products. There were unfortunately,  some casualties on the way leading to some “broken hearts” but everyone still has a smile and want to wish you all a Happy St Valentine’s and a happy midterm. More from Marie’s class next week

Rang a Sé exploring hearts in clay

This week in Marie’s class we developed some techniques when working with clay to join different pieces together. It took a lot of work but it was a very enjoyable art lesson. Have a look at us preparing our pieces to join together for our clay hearts. More next week when we can show you […]

Basketball, Bees and Soccer in Rang a Sé

This week in Rang a Sé we were very busy with the science fair which was a huge success so we took some time out from our classroom work to practice our basketball and soccer skills and have fun in the process.  Have a look at the photos: We also (thanks to Sue) had the […]

Anne Frank and science fair in Rang a Sé

We continued with our module of learning about World War 2 this week, having a close look at the horrors of the Holocaust and particularly the story of the Frank family, told through the diary of Anne Frank.  We integrated this in art and continued with our extension work, this time extending photographs of Anne, […]

Rang a Sé learn about photography

This week we visited the Riverbank to take part in a photography workshop with our artist in residency Brian Cregan. We learned about the history of photography, the science behind it and Brian took us on a tour of his exhibition which features work he did with fifth class. Brian was so patient and kind […]

Hockey and Chains in Rang a Sé

This is week in Rang a Sé, we practised our hockey skills and had a great time in the Halla perfecting our ball control. We also worked together as a whole class team to build the longest paper chain we could. It was amazing how quickly we were able to work together and we did […]

Wishing together, Clara and Marie’s class

We had such a lovely time visiting Clara’s class this week to help them write their wishes for the Winter fair. It was so interesting listening to them and sharing our Christmas wishes too. We couldn’t believe that we were once small enough to fit in those chairs! Have a look at the photos: from […]

Rang a Sé getting ready for the Winter Fair

Very busy week in Rang a Sé with preparations well under way for the Winter Fair. Woven wool baubles were a bit tricky but look great hanging on our window and thanks to Shayne we learned a lot about geometry and the art of paper folding. Shayne taught us all how to make a very […]

Busy week in Rang a Sé

This week we hosted the first round of our debating contest against Ballyshannon NS and are pleased to say that we won!! It was a very close contest as Ballyshannon were excellent and were very tough opponents. We wish them all the best in the shield. Well done to the members of the debating team […]

Ancient Rome investigated by Rang a Sé

We worked very hard on our projects on Ancient Rome, looking at very specific parts of life back in that time. Some of us studied food, others examined the rights of citizens, the colesseum, trevi fountain, the Roman senate and Roman gods as well as several other interesting factors of Ancient Rome life. We’re presenting […]

Ceoltóirí i Rang a Sé

We’ve been working really hard to learn how to read music and play the Tin whistle. It’s a lot easier than we thought it would be. It’s just a matter of finding the first note on the stave and then working out what the other notes are. We’re now able to read and play at […]

Spooky tree pastel art in Rang a Sé

This week in Rang a Sé we created the most amazing Spooky trees with chalk and oil pastels. It wasn’t easy, but we love the way they turned out!   Have a look at the photos! From Marie’s class

Debating in Rang a Sé

For the past few weeks we’ve been working on persuasive writing techniques drafting and re-drafting debates to take part in the school trials for the debating team. We learned a lot about the structure and format of a debate and how to back up the points we make with research or quotes. The hardest part […]

Totems and compliments in Rang a Sé

Have a look at our finished portraits of each other. We not only painted our partners but tried really hard to describe their best qualities too. We wrote compliments about each other and Marie said they were the most amazing ones she has ever read. In the artist‘s chair we talked about our paintings and […]

SARI workshop for Rang a Sé

Last year we were delighted to get to complete a SARI workshop where we learned about discrimination in sport and how to overcome it. We were so happy is week to meet the fantastic co-ordinators again for a follow up session. They were delighted to discover that we remembered everything they taught us and are […]