6th and 2nd go on a Maths Trail for Maths Week

It was Maths week this week and apart from having great fun with the countdown questions, estimation station, challenge of the day and learning all about the Fibonacci number sequence, we also invented maths games for Róisín and Tharren’s class.  We loved playing these games with second class and were really proud of ourselves when […]

Science experiment and stations

    We had a busy week in second class this week. on Tuesday we put our science hats,googles and lab coats on and we did our first experiment. We don’t know if it worked we have to wait for 6 weeks to find out!!! But if it did we will have some cool crystals. […]

Olympic games

    This week we had lots of fun. We started all our books and are getting used to school again.We are making lots of new friends in school this year. Our classroom is in the yellow corridor and we are upstairs woo.   We learned lots about the Olympics this week and especially the Paralympics. We didn’t […]

Activity Pop

For the last two weeks in class we are playing activity pop. Every day Peter picks a secret walker. After lunch if that person was really good we get to pop a balloon.Each balloon has a different activity that we get to play We are going to build a bridge next week. Peter said that […]

Show me the money

For the last 3 weeks we have worked hard learning about money. This was one of our favourite topics in maths. All though Peter didn’t give us any real money we had plenty of toy money to practice with. Today instead of using books we set up a shop in our classroom. We all had […]

spooky treats

Ghost treats Freddy enjoying his treats                         We had great fun making spooky treats this week in second class. We were practicing our procedural writing so we thought it would be a great idea to write a recipe. It was a delicious piece of work. […]