Proud participants in RDS Primary Science Fair!

Rang a Sé attended the RDS Primary Science Fair to showcase their project: “Bottle Flipping, a skill or just luck?” last Friday along with hundreds of other primary school projects from all around the country.  It was such an honour and a privilege to represent NETNS and share our hard work and interesting results with […]

RDS Primary science fair

We had a great day on Saturday showing all our hard work. We got to bring people over and go through our project step by step. We noticed that a lot of adults remembered when they made paper airplanes when they were in school they were all very impressed with our research. We also got […]

Catching our flight !!

We received some great news this week. We got accepted into the RDS Primary science fair. Woo!! Our project is entitled paper airplanes. We are going to examine how they fly and what difference does size and weight make to the flight. We will start our project next week but we did attempt to make […]