Science experiment and stations

    We had a busy week in second class this week. on Tuesday we put our science hats,googles and lab coats on and we did our first experiment. We don’t know if it worked we have to wait for 6 weeks to find out!!! But if it did we will have some cool crystals. […]

Roald Dahl

  We had great fun celebrating Roald Dahl day this week. We watched a song from Matilda the musical, we did a Roald Dahl show and tell. We created our very own monsters but the most amazing thing was that we drew along with Quentin Blake. We drew a Oompa Loompa, Willy Wonka and the […]

Catching our flight !!

We received some great news this week. We got accepted into the RDS Primary science fair. Woo!! Our project is entitled paper airplanes. We are going to examine how they fly and what difference does size and weight make to the flight. We will start our project next week but we did attempt to make […]

Old vs new

Last week we had our first project of the year. Peter asked us to research old schools or retro schools and newer schools. We had great fun with history last week. We presented our work over two days.   It was great to see all the hard work we put into it. Some people made […]

In the swing of things

We had our second full week back now. We are well and truly back into the swing of things. Our summer holidays are a distant memory. This week we started a history project. We are investigating retro schools vs modern schools. We are working in pairs and we have to decide what categories we want […]

Back with a bang!

Welcome to our sixth class blog. We will try to entertain and inform you about everything that’s going on in our school and class. We have Peter as our class teacher this year. He has told us that sixth class is a big year and we have to get lots of things done. He also […]

Activity Pop

For the last two weeks in class we are playing activity pop. Every day Peter picks a secret walker. After lunch if that person was really good we get to pop a balloon.Each balloon has a different activity that we get to play We are going to build a bridge next week. Peter said that […]

Our amazing tour

Second class had a great school tour at Kildare maze on Friday. We had our bags packed for all types of weather. We were glad we did. It was a very wet morning but luckily it dried up and the weather turned for the better. We couldn’t believe how big the maze was. We couldn’t […]

Code Breakers

This week we learned about different codes we use. We talked about the importance of codes in our world history. We studied the impact code breakers had during WW2. The whole class agreed that without the code breakers the allies might not have won the war. There was a really famous mathematician who was so […]

Sistine roof

Last week we were learning about a famous artist named Michelangelo. WE learned all about his most famous pieces. Peter told us that he painted the Sistine chapel roof and that it is one the most famous paintings in the world. We very impressed that a turtle was able to that much. Peter had to […]

Well done to the school teams

We are very proud of our school teams. On Tuesday the senior team got knocked at the quarter final stage. They had a thrilling come back at the end of the match but they ran out of time. Unlucky guys and girls. On Thursday we had a very exciting final in Moorefield for our junior […]


This week is national walk to school week. We all made a big effort to walk to school on Wednesday. We wanted to be part of the 20000 kids who walked to school. The green school committee counted everybody who walked so we hope we reached our target. Walking to school helps the environment but […]

Hope you’re enjoying the sun

Friendly February

This week was the start of Spring in Ireland. In some parts of America Winter will last another 6 weeks because a groundhog didn’t see his shadow. This was a tradition we learned about this week. I’m glad we don’t use a groundhog to tell us when winter is over. We decided to give February […]

Show me the money

For the last 3 weeks we have worked hard learning about money. This was one of our favourite topics in maths. All though Peter didn’t give us any real money we had plenty of toy money to practice with. Today instead of using books we set up a shop in our classroom. We all had […]