People who made a difference

As part of International Human Rights Day 2010, Fourth Class were introduced to two famous people who made a huge difference for Human Rights. The attached short video clip from National Geographic allowed us to understand the difference the actions of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks made to African American people living in America. […]

International Human Rights Day

Human Rights Today is International Human Rights Day and today in fifth class we found out all about the history of human rights. We also found out that 90% of people are unable to name more than three of their 30 rights. We believe that if more people understood all of them, more respect would […]

Newstalk- Sixth Class

On Thursday, Henry McKean from Newstalk came to visit our class to interview us about our opinions on topical issues such as the Budget, that dreaded R word-the recession,the recent bad weather and the disruptions it caused in our area. On a lighter note we spoke about X Factor and our predictions for the final and our thoughts on marriage ! We […]

Yard Games Project

Everyone at NETNS is working on a project together! We are sharing ideas for yard games with one another and trying out the different ideas. Each class is creating 2 posters which will be stuck up on the windows so we can look at them when we’re on yard. We also hope to put them […]

How are you feeling?

This week in First Class we have been talking about feelings. We talked about the different kinds of feelings we can have; sometimes we feel sad and other times we feel happy. We talked about times when we can feel angry or scared. We we very lucky because everyone was very honest when we were […]

Rama and Sita

Hi all, We have been hard at work discovering all about Hinduism in Junior Infants. We now have beauitiful displays of our Rangoli Patterns, our Diwali Cards and our Diva Lamps in our classrooms. We also listened to the story of Rama and Sita which is a Hindu Story which we are going to tell you […]

Look at what we know about Hinduism!

Here are some of the interesting things our class learned about Hinduism. Hindus have three symbols Aum, Swastika and Lotus Flower. Aum is a very special symbol to them. It represents the world and their creator Brahman. They believe that Brahman is in everything. They can not see him so they used a symbol to […]

Happy Diwali

This week is a very special week in the Hindu faith as Hindu’s the world over celebrate the festival of light known as Diwali. It is a festival much like the Christian fesitival of Christmas in that it is a celebration of the victory of light (goodness) over darkness (evil). This week in 2nd class we […]

Fifth Class

Hello everyone  So since we returned from the mid-term we have been busy bees. On the 3rd of November we had a basketball blitz with Griffen Valley ET. It was great fun, they are a lovely school and hopefully 5th and 6th class will be going up to visit their school soon. We have a […]

Fun Times in Junior Infants!!

We had lots of fun during our art lesson in Junior Infants today! We carried out two exciting (and messy!) tasks! It was our first day using paint in Junior Infants and we did fantastic work! We used two primary colours, blue and yellow to make a new colour. We put one hand in the […]

Sixth Class celebrate Diwali

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the Hindu religious year . The festival is celebrated for five continuous days. Today, Friday, 5th November is the third day of Diwali and is celebrated as the main Diwali festival or ‘Festival of lights’. The name comes from Deepawali , which means “a row of […]

Let’s be fair

This week as part of Croí na Scoile Senior Infants were exploring the important idea of fairness and today in class we had a special Fair and Share day where we made an extra special effort to be fair to all the people in our class and ensure we thought about how we could all […]

Compliments flying in Junior Infants

Orla, Sacra and I were so proud when we overheard a conversation between two children in Junior Infants this morning. After a lovely Autumn walk, Sean held the door for everyone on the way back in. Walking down the corridor, Dylan turned to him and said “Sean, you did a great job back there!” That […]

The Birth of the Bab

This week in 2nd class we learnt all about the Baha’i religion. The 20th of October was the 191st anniversary of the birth of The Bab. The Bab was the man whose teachings inspired a man called Baha’u’llah to found the Baha’i religion. It was founded in Tehran which is the capital of Iran. The […]

Equality Issues debated in 3rd Class

Third Class have been discussing and working on how to debate some very interesting equality topics. The class was divided into groups and we fairly decided upon as to which debate topic each group would work on. The debate topics addressed issues such as Gender ‘Should girls play rugby’, Fairness; ‘Only Junior Classes should play […]