5th Class Assembly- Anti bullying Week

This is the video of our fifth class assembly. Enjoy watching.   NETNS 5th Class Assembly from David Froggatt on Vimeo.

Learning about Hinduism in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been learning all about Hinduism over the past number of weeks. The children decorated Rangoli Patterns which can be seen on the windows of our classrooms. Hindus make these patterns on their doorsteps to welcome people into their homes during Diwali. We also made Diva Lamps in our Art lesson. Hindus place these lamps […]

Respect, Positive, Safe, Listen

SAFE, LISTEN, POSTIVE AND RESPECT These words are the goals for our class. These words mean respect everybody. Listen to the teacher and anybody who is taking. Be safe in the classroom and in the yard. Always try and be positive in school. In 5TH class we have created flags from all over the world. We […]

Sixth Class learn about Hinduism

Hinduism This month in Sixth Class we are learning all about Hinduism. Please take the time to download this porwerpoint presentation on Hinduism that our classmate Jack made. We’re sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Junior Infant Gardeners

Junior Infants were busy gardeners today planting sunflower and sweet pea seeds. Firstly each of us put some compost into a yoghurt pot. Then we made a hole in the middle of the compost and popped in our seeds. Next, we covered over the seed with compost. We also know that plants need water to […]

Rocking Rappers in 3rd Class

A huge congratulations to the boys and girls  in 3rd Class on their fantastic performance at Assembly this morning. Rinneamar an scéal ‘Subh, Subh, Subh’ agus an amhrán ‘Oró sé do bheatha bhaile’.  We also sang ‘Pencil full of Lead’ by Paolo Nutini. We are very lucky to have such creative and poetic children in […]

What 5th class have been up to…

What 5th class have been up to… We have been very busy here in 5th class lately. We have been doing two songs (“Trasna na dtonnta” and “All star”). We are also doing our very own …….IRISH HAKA!!! We will be doing these songs and dance at our assembly on Wednesday the 16/3/11. We shall […]

SI – What time is it?

We continued the theme of Time in Maths this week and have been learning how to read time in hourly intervals. Next time you see the clock on the hour ask your Senior Infant what time it is. We had great fun making the time in a game online as well as with the mini-clocks […]

Write a Book Project

We have some budding authors on our hands in Third Class. This week we have been looking at the process of creating our own individual book. We all brainstormed what theme our class could base our stories on. The class decided on the theme of  ‘The Midnight Adventure’. From this each child came up with […]

S.I. – Chinese New Year

This week in Croí na Scoile Senior Infants have loved learning about Chinese New Year. We had already learnt about China as part of our SESE curriculum earlier in the year but it was lots of fun to celebrate the new year. We watched the story of how all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac […]

Year of the Rabbit

In Fourth Class this week we have been covering Chinese New Year as part of Croí na Scoile. We learned that Chinese New Year is not only celebrated in China but in other parts of the world also, we watched an informative video about Chinese New Year in Australia. We had a mini competition to […]

Friends in Junior Infants

We have been having such a fun time on yard since we have come back from our Christmas Holidays. Even though Jack Frost has prevented us from going outside for some of our little breaks this week, we have definitely been enjoying our time outside on big break after all the frost has melted! All […]

Jam, Jam its everywhere!!

This week Third Class has been talking about positive language in Croí na Scoile as part of the Moral and Spiritual strand. We have been looking at different situations where we might use other words but how we can make the situation better by using positive phrases. We could see how we can use positive […]

Sixth Class rock the radio!

Sixth Class hit the air last Saturday on Under the Covers with Henry McKean- Have a listen to our interview on the following  link  http://media.newstalk.ie/listenback/57847/saturday/1/popup     Please  fast forward to 3.05 to listen to the kidstalk clip.

Winter Celebrations

The children in 3rd, 5th and 6th class were reading and writing about the various winter celebrations which are celebrated around the world. We talked about Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice and Christmas. We also talked and wrote about the different traditions we practice with our friends and family during the months of December and January. […]