6th class Easter Tests

THE EASTER TESTS! The Easter tests were very hard this week and all the students are happy that they are over and done with. At least now the students can take a break from studying. On Tuesday we had the Irish test, on Wednesday we had the English test, on Thursday we had the Maths […]

Mad Moulds

Mad Moulds This week, a parent from our class (Sarah’s mum Madeleine) came in to do art with us. We had great fun, even though it was incredibly messy! We made plaster moulds of our hands, feet and anything thing else we could think of! We did this by making whatever imprint we wanted on […]

Bits and Bobs

6th Class Article! This week in 6th class we have been very busy! We ‘borrowed’ 3rd class’s idea of painting a tree and drawing birds to go on it. For this we used oil pastels to colour in the birds. We had some very inventive ideas and it turned out great! We also got our […]


Yesterday saw Manchester United go head to head with Real Madrid. It was the first time that Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson met that wasn’t in the Premier league. It was the first time Mourinho came up against United with Real Madrid but Mourinho said all he wanted to do was beat sir Alex […]

The clay has gone to our heads

A big hello from 6th class. This week we have been doing clay models in art. We decided we were going to try make human heads. Then we got a little creative and diverged slightly from the original plan. We ended up with monsters heads, horse heads and some freaky dudes. Have a look at […]

Where has the time gone?

This week in sixth we decided to make a historical timeline. As a class we all decided what historical events should be included. We picked loads including the Egyptians, the Romans, Columbus sailing to America, WWI & WWII, JFK being shot and lots more. The timeline is really long and goes the whole length of […]

An Egg-citing Week in 6th Class

An Egg-citing Week in 6th Class This week in 6th class we did a science experiment called “The Egg Drop”. We had to make a contraption out of different materials and had to drop them from a 20ft high window. Four of the eggs survived the other one was not so lucky. The contraption designs […]

Epic dance moves rock!

This week we presented our projects on Ancient Egypt. Each group had different subjects such as Pharaohs, pyramids, religion, culture and hieroglyphics. Ben built an amazing 3D pyramid. We had great fun doing the projects and the, overall result was brilliant. Also this week we learned about all the different types of rocks, did you […]

Maths/Food and our prediction for the county!

This week in netns we have been having maths week. This week is about doing extra maths along with fun maths quizzes on the school website. There has also been a competition on the website. Lots of people guessed the right answer but Ben was the lucky one who won the prize in the raffle. […]

Broken Hearts in 6th

Dissecting a sheep’s heart This week in science we dissected a sheep’s heart. First we learned about the heart and all the parts in it, we also learned how it works and that the veins bring in blood to the heart and arteries bring the blood out. Some of the parts are the aorta, vena […]

This week in 6th

For the past two weeks 6th class have done lots of fun things while in school. Last week for art we drew maori tattoo designs. Lots of the drawings were good and creative. After we were finished our tattoo designs we painted them black, it was great fun and lots of the pupils in 6th […]

News from the top!

This week in 6th class we had the student council elections. We had some great speeches and in the end it was very close but our new student council reps are Niamh D, Jack, Julia and Josh as the sub rep. We also presented our projects. There were some great facts about Canada, really tasty […]

Rotha Mór an tSaoil

Hi everyone and welcome back to NETNS for another school year from all of us here in 6th class. This week we learned of an Irishman who came from Connemara. It was a long time ago and life in Ireland was extremely difficult. This man decided to try his luck with the gold rush in […]