Information on 4th class school tour Time Event 8:30 Leave school 10:00 Arrive at Butlers Chocolate Factory 1:00 Arrive at Fort Lucan 3:30 Leave Fort Lucan 4:30 Arrive back at school Phones: Only children who have given permission slips to the school to have a phone can bring their phone. I strongly advise that no […]

Collins or DeValera

This week in 4th class we had a serious and heated debate about the future of our country. Half of our class took on the role of Michael Collins and the pro-treaty side. The other half of the class took on the role of Eamon DeValera and the anti-treaty side. Once the facts had been […]

Electrical Energy in 4th Class

This week we are all about electricity with David and Bobby. To make a circuit you need 4 things. 1. A battery (power source) 2. Component (light bulb/motor/buzzer) 3. Wires (to connect everything) 4. You must make sure that everything is connected to make a complete circuit allowing the electrical energy to flow around without […]


THE CRANNÓG This week in fourth class we have been learning about crannógs. We learned about the structure of a crannóg. We made it out of clay, sand, pebbles and sticks. First of all we got a cereal box, cut it up so it was flat and then we covered it with tinfoil. Then we […]

Taste Bud Test

Taste Bud Test Today we were doing a taste bud test. Firstly we learned that your sense of smell and taste are linked, but we couldn’t take Bobby’s word for it…we had to put it to the test. We held our noses and closed our eyes. Our partners gave us fruit and we had to […]


For the past two weeks in school we have been learning about Pompeii and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79A.D. The town of Pompeii is located on the Italian island of Sicily. There are many facts about this eruption that people do not know…  The eruption lasted 19hours  It was an ash […]

Hey now!!!

HEY NOW!!! This week in fourth class we learned the song “All Star” from the movie Shrek. It’s a really catchy song and we loved singing it. We learned the words first and then Bobby and some of the students in the class brought in their guitars and played along while everyone was singing. It […]

Egyptian Culture

ANCIENT EGYPT This week in 4th class, each table did a project on a different Egyptian thing. Here are the topics : 1.Tutankhamun 2.Pyramids 3.Sphinx 4.River Nile 5.Hieroglyphics Bobby gave us each an A2 page and we were allowed write what ever we liked. Every table got a go on the computer to research stuff […]

So Far This Week

So Far This Week This week we were doing charcoal. We got to do 2 pictures each. We did lots of different types of pictures. It was lots of fun. We did lots of amazing pictures to stick on the wall in the Classroom. We learned about healthy eating. You should eat your 5 a […]