Magnetic Fun!!

We’ve been learning about magnets this week. It was a lot of fun exploring with our magnets in the classroom. We learned about that magnets have two poles, a North and South Pole and that like poles repel each other causing the magnets to push away from each other, while opposite poles attract each other, […]

Step it Up!

Here in 1st class we’re trying to get more active during the day! We should be taken 15,000 steps everyday but results show that children only get an average of 13,000. We’re trying to increase our steps by 1,000 in school and 1,000 at home. Every morning we start off with our ‘Step it up’ […]

Planting Tulips

We’ve been busy planting tulips this week! We brought in empty glass jars from home and each planted our own tulips. They are ready on the windowsill for some sun! We used compost and will water them everyday to help them grow! It was our first time planting bulbs, we used seeds for our grassheads. […]

Measuring Up!

We’ve been learning all about measurements in class this week! We’ve learnt lots of new terms and now know how to estimate a measurement and measure something. We had lots of fun measuring in many different ways; matchsticks, lollipop sticks, hand spans, rulers and metre sticks! Our classroom is now all measured up!!!

A trip to the hairdressers!!!

Our grassheads haven’t stopped grown over the past few weeks with all our loving care! Our windowsill was beginning to look like a lawn so we decided a trip to the hairdressers was needed! We had great fun cutting the grassheads hair any style we liked! Have a look at before and after!