School Ethos

Newbridge Educate Together N.S. is guided by 4 main principles:

The multi-denominational principle

Educate Together schools from the outset respect all ethical and religious traditions. The schools are legally obliged to cherish and respect the religious, cultural and social identity of every child and family that attends the school. The Board of Management cannot promote or favour any particular religious persuasion. However the school facilitates any group of parents/guardians who wish to organise religious instruction for their children outside the main school programme. Our Ethical Education Programme –“Learn Together” – promotes the total inclusion of everybody.

The child-centred principle

Educate Together schools promote a child-centred approach to the curriculum in which the teacher guides and facilitates the child’s learning through both formal and informal methods, while encouraging the child to be an active participant in his/her own learning. Each child’s individual needs are considered and he/she is encouraged to learn at an appropriate pace. There is a constant striving for excellence in all areas of school life.

The co-educational principle

All children are encouraged to fulfil their potential in a school setting that is committed to equal opportunities for girls and boys.

The democratically run principle

The ethos of the school is to promote the fullest participation by parents, children and teachers in decision-making processes and to promote a genuine creative partnership between parental involvement and the professional role of teachers.

The commitment to the four key principles of Educate Together is encapsulated in the motto “Learn Together to Live Together”.  Newbridge Educate Together N.S. is committed to this motto through the ethos, the stated values and the day-to day relationships both within the school and with the extended community. These principles underpin the delivery of the school curriculum as laid down by the Department of Education and Science.


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