Pre-enrolment Procedures

Upon receipt of completed application the pre-enrolment officer assigns each pre-enrolment form with a sequential pre-enrolment number. Each pre-enrolment is acknowledged. Priority for a place in the school is determined solely by the date on which a child’s name in entered on the pre-enrolment list. The Board of management’s policy is that children are enrolled on a First come first served basis.

Enrolment Procedures

Junior Infants are entitled to start in Newbridge Educate Together National School if they are four years old before June 1st of that year. Parents can choose to pre-enrol their child for that year or the following year when they are five.

Pre-enrol Your Child Online

Fill out the pre-enrolment form online (through link at end of this page) or download a copy which you can fill out and return to us by post. NEW Pre-enrolment form

Please note, a new window, ALADDIN ADMISSIONS FORM, will open.
By completing the following pre-enrolment form you agree to the following:

  • I under stand that allocation of places in the school will strictly follow our admissions policy
  • I understand that the receipt of a pre-enrolment form does not guarantee that the child will be offered a place
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the school of any change of address, telephone number or other relevant circumstances
  • I understand that if I have not replied in writing to a confirmed offer of a place for my child within the specified date of that offer being made I will have forfeited my child’s place on the pre-enrolment list
  • I understand that the above information may be shared with other principals when places are being offered
  • A copy of Newbridge Educate Together’s admissions policy is available on this website – click here to review it before proceeding. (Opens in new window)

I have read and accept the Enrolment conditions detailed above and I have also reviewed the Newbridge Educate Together admissions policy listed above.

ONLINE ENROLMENT– Please click the following link which will open a new window

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