Welcome to the new Green Schools Committee and Poster Competition results!

We would like to introduce the new Green Schools Committee for 2017. They are;

Ciara, Eve, Rosie, Matthew, Jamie, Róisín, Charlie, Dorothy,  Erica, Seán, Rapheal, Anais, Clara, Sam, Tom, Chen, Hannah,  Jessie, Tiaran, , Lily, Jade and Mia.




We are looking forward to getting our 3rd flag (water flag) and learning all about how to take care of our environment.

We would  like to thank everyone who took part in the Green Schools poster competition, it was very difficult to decide which posters would be sent to Green Schools.

The selected entries are below.  They have been sent off to Green Schools and we have to wait to see if any of them win!

The selected entries are;

Uljana, 4th Class

Emily, 4th Class

Zuzanna, 4th Class

Seán, 5th Class

Isabella, 3rd Class

Freya, 3rd Class

Chloe, 4th Class

Lily, 4th Class

Daire, 4th Class

Mia, 6th Class

Jude, Junior Infants

Nancy, 2nd Class

Lily, Senior Infants

Ella, 2nd Class

Valentino, Senior Infants

Wiktoria, Junior Infants

Julia, Senior Infants,

Borys, 2nd Class

James, 2nd Class

Hania, Senior Infants