3rd class dividing for the first time!

3rd class had an exciting day today. We started a brand new topic in Maths – Division! 3rd class is a big year for huge strides in Maths. Earlier in the year we had our first encounter with Multiplication and now we have moved onto Division. We know that Division is breaking something up into […]

Car Park Safety

A big well done to all the children who are walking safely on the footpaths on their way to and from school. We are delighted to note that most children are avoiding walking across the car park and instead follow the footpath all the way around. Well done and keep it up! Thank you too […]

Haiti Earthquake Appeal Fundraiser

We are holding a fundraising coffee morning and cake sale in the school and we are asking for your support. A raffle will also be held at the event. Date & Time:   Monday 1st February from 10.30a.m.to 12.00noon Venue:   An Halla Glas (GP Hall) in NETNS Parking:  Please park at Lumville House if possible as the […]

Exciting Times in Fifth Class

Yesterday was a very exciting day for all of us in Fifth class. We were thrilled to hear that the replies from our Canadian pen-pals had arrived and we had a great morning reading all about our new friends. Our pen pals are from a school in Labrador in Newfoundland and we’ve learned lots about […]

3rd Class Games day

Senior Infants are for the birds!

We have the bird table from our old school and we’re using it again.  We’re hoping to spot different types of birds.  We have put out seeds and nuts to feed them. We will make sure and take photos of all the birds and put them on the website for everyone to see.

Meditation Assembly

We had an assembly today to celebrate Mediation Month.  We all got together for a meditation and we really enjoyed it.  We relaxed and listened to the instructions on the CD.  Here are some of the photos

Infants Enjoying Board Game Day!

Junior and Senior infants enjoyed National Board Game Day.  Check out the photos!

Junior Infant Homework

  Please revise the Sound Book with your child daily. If your child’s Sound Book has been misplaced please inform me. This week some of Junior Infants have begun to take home groups of words for homework. Their main function is to acheive greater fluency and to provide practice in blending letters.  Please listen to your child blending the […]

Meditation Month

For the month of January, NETNS is in meditation mode! At 11.30 am every day, everyone in the school stops what we’re working on and takes 10 minutes to relax! We’re already feeling the benefits and loving the peaceful happy feeling around the school.