Scientists in Junior Infants!

 This week Junior Infants became little scientists while carrying out a fun experiment in Science! We wanted to know what would happen to chocolate buttons when we put them near some heat. Can you guess what happened?? First of all we placed some chocolate buttons in a container. We then placed the buttons over a […]

Another great week in the After School Club!!!

This week we have spent time discussing our families, friends and feelings.  We discussed where our families are from and what kind of things we like to do together.  We each drew a picture representing each member in our family.  This led us to the topic of ‘around the world’.  The children had great fun […]

Look at what we know about Hinduism!

Here are some of the interesting things our class learned about Hinduism. Hindus have three symbols Aum, Swastika and Lotus Flower. Aum is a very special symbol to them. It represents the world and their creator Brahman. They believe that Brahman is in everything. They can not see him so they used a symbol to […]

Arts and Crafts

This week in Arts and Crafts we customized t-shirts. The children’s creativity and originality shone through and fantastic t-shirts were made. They were so colourful and everyone’s were so different. Well done to you all, I’m looking forward to the exhibition!

Access to our building

In order to help keep each member of our school safe and protected during the school day, all doors are locked during school hours. Access to our school is via the main entrance where each visitor gains access through two sets of doors, the second of which can be opened from the inside only. The […]

RC First Communion 2011

Booking for the First Communion Mass will take place Sunday 14th November in the Dominican College after the 10.30am Mass. Please remember to bring the yellow booking form with you, and a baptismal certificate if required. White registration cards were recently given to all children in the First Communion class. Please return the completed card to Lorraine for […]

RC News: Hampers for St Vincent de Paul

Last years’ Christmas Hampers for the Society of St Vincent de Paul were a massive success due to the overwhelming generosity and enthusiasm shown by our whole school community. This year we will once again be collecting food and/or toys for distribution to SVP and a collection point will be available in the school reception […]

Super Senior Infants

I just wanted to tell everybody how impressed I was by senior infants this morning… They all showed wonderful manners coming through the foyer and Arthur cheered me up so much by greeting me as gaeilge. Well done to all of senior infants… Super Senior Infants!!

Happy Diwali

This week is a very special week in the Hindu faith as Hindu’s the world over celebrate the festival of light known as Diwali. It is a festival much like the Christian fesitival of Christmas in that it is a celebration of the victory of light (goodness) over darkness (evil). This week in 2nd class we […]

Diaper Dissecting!!…??

Today in 2nd class we were back to nappies! No, not literally! It was science time and nappies were a crucial part of our wacky experiment! We were investigating how absorbent certain materials are and we discovered that some solids are able to “absorb” liquids! One of the examples we came up with was sponges […]