Curragh Post Primary School Open Night

The Curragh Post Primary School will host an Open Night on Thursday 18th of October from 4.30pm to 7pm. 5th and 6th Class children and their parents / guardians are invited to attend. Further details attached in flyer below. Open Night Curragh PP A5 Flyer

Week 5 in Ciara’s 6th class

This week in sixth class, we wrote explanation-writing reports, which was a lot of fun. We had to research at home what we were going to write about, some people did their report on animals. Others did theirs on objects such as cars and others did theirs on topics of all types. For Maths, we […]

Róisín’s 5th

This week in 5th we learned all about the Curragh. We talked about the plants and animals that live there and took a trip to see what we could spot! We were particularly curious to see if we could find the rare and endangered Waxcap Fungi and were delighted when this mission was successful! The […]

Bronze Age in Emma’s 3rd

We’ve been learning lots about the Bronze Age this week. We’ve been studying artefacts including replicas from The National Museum of Ireland. Copper Ore Sheepskin Flint and Shaping Stone Flint Arrowhead

The Force of Nature- 4th Class

This weeek we have been preparing to enter the “Force of Nature” Credit Union Art competition. First we discussed what “forces of nature” meant. We talked about hurricanes, sunsets, rainbows, tornadoes, earthquakes,tsunamis and the changing seasons. Next we discussed with our partners what our interpretation of the theme was. Then we did drafts on A4 […]

An Electric Week!

Its been another super busy and fun week of learning. Go and check the photos at our class blog;

Staying Safe with Electricity

This week we have been learning all about electricity. We looked at ways we could stay safe. Here are some ideas that we came up with: Don’t pull electrical wires. Don’t put your fingers in sockets. Fly kites away from power lines. Keep electrical items like radios and hair dryers away from water. Have a […]

Autumn in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we were learning about Autumn. On Monday we went for a walk in the school forest to explore. In aistear we made clay hedgehogs, we collected leaves and made more hedgehogs with the leaves, we cut out woodland animals and played in the woodland role play area. In phonics we […]

Denise’s 6th Class

This week we learnt a lot in English, Math’s and Irish.  In English we learned about explanation writing and we done a bit of work in our English book. In math’s we learned how to divide in decimals and, for the first time, we done the chili challenge in our class with Denise and Micheal […]

Sinéad’s 5th Class trip to the Curragh

During the week, 5th class prepared for their trip to the Curragh. The boys and girls listened to facts and stories about the Curragh and discussed the old story of St. Brigid, and her link to the Curragh. They looked at different wildlife and plants also. On Thursday, 5th class took at trip to the […]