Thank you for our yard toys

The student council, on behalf of all the students in the school would like to say a huge “Thank You” to the parents, guardians and families  for all of the contributions received to help to make our yard  more fun filled than ever before!

When we first sent out the letter we couldn’t believe the response we got from all of the families donating toys for the yard. Then the PA along with some other parents really surprised us and gave us a sum of money so that we could buy some more yard toys .We were then able to carry out a survey to find out what every class would like to buy for the yard. Then we set to work ordering toys, we ordered a tag rugby set, a parachute for ever yard, lots of foam rugby balls and normal footballs. We were also able to order lots and lots of skipping ropes and hula hoops. We also have building bricks, a rounder set and a huge badminton and volleyball net to name but a few toys out on the yard. We play with these toys Monday through to Thursday every big break – they really have made such a difference to our yard – so Thank You again.

Here are some pictures of the whole school enjoying the toys during Big Break this week…


photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5photo 6photo 14photo 10photo 12


The Student Council