School Closed 26th January – Staff Primary Language Curriculum Training

The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) is continuing its professional development programme for the Primary Language Curriculum / Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile for the school year 2017/2018.  During the school year 2016/2017 all schools received their first whole-staff professional development seminar for this curriculum with a focus on Oral Language / Teanga ó Bhéál.

Whole-school professional development will be provided by the PDST again during the school year 2017/2018.  This will comprise a full day seminar for which school closure has been sanctioned.

The purpose of this full day professional development will be to collaboratively explore the curriculum strands of reading, writing, léitheoireacht agus scríbhneoireacht towards facilitating the early stages of curriculum implementation in schools.

The staff of Newbridge ETNS will be attending Kildare Education Centre on Friday 26th January for this training.

Therefore the school will be closed to pupils on Friday 26th January to facilitate this Primary Language Curriculum training for staff.