RUN A MUCK – Tomorrow is the big day!!

Run a muck imageWe would like to thank the families who have supported the NETNS Muckers so far this year. We are asking each family to support the NETNS Muckers in this venture and would really appreciate any sponsorship you can get. Sponsorship cards have been sent home to all families and we are asking again for any support we can get.  If you wish to make a donation, please send it to the school marked NETNS Muckers – every little helps!

Tomorrow, Saturday March 11th 2017 parents, guardians, staff and friends of NETNS will be taking part in the Run-a-Muck Challenge in order to raise much needed funds for a new Multi-Sensory Room for Newbridge Educate Together NS.

Multi-Sensory rooms are specially designed environments which give users an opportunity to completely relax or access a wide range of sensory experiences for therapy, learning or fun Multi-Sensory rooms are used by people of all ages and all abilities for relaxation, focused work, stimulation, physiotherapy, communication and stress release. They are sometimes also used for specific work, such as a teaching tool for children with additional needs.

Have a look at the “fun” that last year’s partipants got up to below…

Thank you very much for supporting us!

Muckers 7 Muckers 6 Muckers 5 Muckers 4 Muckers 3 Muckers 2 Muckers 1