Kilcullen Bridge 700

Join Us for a Year of Celebrations In 2018

To mark the 700-year anniversary of the building of the bridge over the River Liffey which founded the town of Kilcullen, a year of celebrations are being planned in 2018.

All schools and early education centres in the town are being invited to participate in the celebrations to make sure future generations are given an opportunity to learn about our town’s rich history.

Some events that have been proposed for schools are:

  • Immersive ‘Medieval Day’ events where children will be able to experience the daily life of the first children in Kilcullen, including their clothes, crafts, food, weapons and education
  • Story-writing and Art competitions
  • A competition where students build an alternative bridge for Kilcullen, using techniques from STEAM subjects
  • Historical and environmental guided tours of the town and surrounding area

The committee would be delighted to support any other ideas that schools may have for the year-long celebration and all suggestions are welcome.

The committee aim to make all events accessible and open, to all and encourage the sharing and maximising of resources between groups in the town. If any teachers or staff, students or children from your school or early education setting would like to get involved with this initiative, please send an email to the address below and a meeting will be arranged in the next few weeks.