NETNS Parents Council


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Following on from the success of previous collaborative efforts, the NETNS Parents Council has recently met with the Parents Association of Gaelscoil Chill Dara with regards to how we can reduce the congestion of cars in the car park during drop off and pick up times. The congestion in the car park is a great source of stress and pressure for parents on a daily basis particularly at the end of term.

There will be a joint undertaking to manage a parking system on Friday the 28th June, the last day of term.

The parking system will be the same as previous early finishes and will include the following:

  • The car park will be open to NETNS from 11am. We are asking parents to come early and get parked as we cannot guarantee entrance to the car park to people who come later as the car park will be closing once all spaces are full.
  • With this parking system we will be able to provide double the amount of spaces currently in the car park. It includes parking in the assigned spaces, double parking and parking on the back road and basketball court.
  • The car park will have designated stewards who will be parents from NETNS and the Gaelscoil Chill Dara. They will be wearing high visibility vests and will guide you to a parking space and help you park.
  • The car park is divided into sections and we will be parking cars section by section. In order to get cars parked quickly and to allow people to leave quickly and avoid congestion we need people to park as they are asked by the stewards.
  • The children will be in the school yard ready to leave at 11.30am. We are asking everyone to collect your child/children and leave the yard immediately, please don’t delay. We need people to return to their cars and be ready to exit the car park straight away.
  • There is an exit system to leave the car park section by section only. If your section is leaving and you are not back in your car and ready to go you may be left in the car park and unable to exit until all the other sections have left.
  • The Gaelscoil Chill Dara basketball court will be open to NETNS parents to park (only for this Friday). This will provide us with much needed extra spaces to park. There will be stewards on the back road and at the basketball court guiding people on where to park. These sections are only open until 11.45am. If you have not returned to your car and left by 11.45am you will have to remain in that section until 12.20pm. The section is closing at 11.45am in order to allow the Gaelscoil teachers to bring the kids down from the school safely to their parents at 12pm.
  • We ask that you remind your children to stay on the footpaths as cars will be exiting from the car park quicker than usual.
  • In order to free up some parking spaces we are asking people to please park at Lumville House if you can.
  • The car park will be open to the Gaelscoil Chill Dara cars at 11.45am. The same system of parking will be used for them with the same stewards from both schools.

On Friday there are 3 pickup times and one drop off time between the two schools, all happening between 11.30am and 12pm. This means that there will be a high volume of cars moving in and out of the car park in a short period of time. This is going to put immense pressure on the car park.

We are hoping that this new parking system will significantly reduce the congestion and make it a lot safer for the children in the car park. However in order to make this a success we need parents full co-operation and support. As it is our first time to trial this, we also ask everyone to please be patient. This system will take a bit longer to get everyone parked but it will mean that everyone will exit a lot faster from the car park after pick up.

We thank everyone in advance for their support, understanding and immediate return to their cars on Friday!!


NETNS Parents Council