Curriculum Meetings

We will be holding Curriculum Meetings for your child’s class in the coming weeks.  These are meetings that will inform you about your child’s curriculum and the day to day running of your child’s class.  These meetings are organised to promote and nourish a positive partnership between you, your child and his/her teacher.

Please note the date of your child’s curriculum meeting.  As with all meetings in the school, younger siblings must be supervised by a person not attending the meeting(s).


Date Time Class
Monday 23rd  September 9.20am 1st class (Denise and David)
10.30am 2nd  class (Elaine and Tharren)
Tuesday 24th September 9.20am 3rd class (Rachael and Gretta)
10am 4th class (Sacra and Niamh)
Wednesday 25th September 9.20am 5th class (Róisín and Sinéad)
10am 6th class (Brendan and Líadan)
Thursday 26th  September 9.20am Senior infants (Natalie and Eimear)
10am Junior infants (Clara and Kim)


Parent / Teacher progress meetings will take place later in the year.  This will be an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher on a one to one basis.  If you wish to meet your child’s teacher at any other time during the year, please contact the office to make an appointment.