“Bee” part of the solution!

Two of our very own knowledgeable parents came to visit the school today to share their expertise in beekeeping and honey making. The two 4th class and the two 6th class were very lucky to take part in this interesting talk where we all learned some amazing facts about bees! A big thank you to Barry and Áine for giving up their time and sharing their knowledge with us!

The children learned about the different types of bees that live in hives and the different jobs each of these bees have. They were able to see the hives and frames where the Queen Bee and her family live and lay eggs. They also got to see the frames where the honey is made (and even got to feel how heavy a full one is!). They learned about the anatomy of a bee and the process of pollination and honey making. They were also informed of the natural health benefits of honey.

The children also got to hold and smell various different creations made from Beeswax. Some of these creations included: Candles (made by the Halpin girls in 4th and 6th!), soap, Beeswax cubes/cuboids and Beeswax sheets.

The children were lucky enough to taste some of the Halpin Honey (if they wanted!) and we received some very positive feedback.

The Halpins also facilitated a free raffle that every child was able to enter. Two lucky 4th class boys won the prize – a lovely “Bee” part of the Solution T-shirt. A big thank you to Áine and Barry (Lily and Dorothy) for coming in today. Both the children and the teachers really enjoyed it!

For anyone interested in anymore information you can visit the website pollinators.ie where you can learn all about the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan: