Róisín’s 5th Class

English This week in Róisín’s 5th class we have been learning about report writing. The students have done such a wonderful job. Some students wrote about crystals, horses, YouTube and Sea Life. They learned that report writing has to always be factual and that they can be very helpful if you want to learn something […]

The Red Squirrel

We have been finding out lots of information about the red squirrel in second class. We made pictures of red squirrels and their bushy, red tails. Did you know that they use their tails to balance and they also use them to warn other squirrels of danger? We began researching facts about them and highlighting […]

Autumn in Senior Infants

The children in Trish and Natalies’s Senior infants have had fun learning about what animals do during autumn. We are looking t fallen leaves and identifying what tree they come from. We found out badgers live in setts and are making our own from our designs. We are learning that nocturnal animals such as foxes […]

Report Writing- 4th Class

This week we have been learning all about report writing. We have focused on fact based reports and have been working super hard on our first draft of our animal reports. Some of the animals we’ve been researching are cheetahs, lions, narwahls, elephants ,penguins,lots of different breeds of dogs and many more. We’ve discovered some […]

The Gruffalo in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we loved learning about our new sound ‘t’. We are now blending our sounds together to read the words sat, at and a made up word tas. In maths we have been counting, writing the number zero, playing with numicon and talking about different sizes, big, small and medium. In […]

Thanks 3rd-6th Classes

A big thank you to 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Class for their feedback and suggestions for yard. We were so impressed with the suggestions and constructive feedback from all of the classes. A special thanks to Róisín’s and Sinéad’s classes who made bar charts to show the class opinions on the yard. They tallied the […]

First Class News

We had so much fun sharing our toys during Golden Time this week! Take a look at the pictures below!

Explorers Class Website

For our news this week, please check out our brand new class project page at… https://netnsexplorers.weebly.com/ Have a great weekend everyone!  

3rd Class Emma

We’ve been working on learning the counties of Ireland and the four provinces. We worked really well with our partners, we divided the tasks between us and communicated well with each other.

The Past Week

This week we learned lines and angles in Maths, in Irish we were doing a lot on ‘Is Mise’. In P.E we warmed up with dodge ball and then played soccer and to warm down we had athletics . For science on Thursday we learned all about the lungs and how they work. During the […]