Winter Art in Senior Infants

This week senior infants finished up on the topic of ‘Houses and Homes’. We designed some really great houses at the construction station and we tested the stability of them by trying to blow down our wooden and brick houses just like the big bad wolf did in the well known story, “The Three Little Pigs”. None of them blew over at all! Senior infants are great little builders! In roleplay, our estate agents worked extremely hard at selling houses also.

Once our 2D houses were finished, we added a touch of winter to them by using pom poms and pegs and dabbing white paint onto the pictures for a soft snow effect. Some of the boys and girls added snowmen to the pictures and hope for lots of snow this winter.

In Gaeilge we are learning about the different parts of the house and the different rooms. We are counting people as Gaeilge too.

Power Hour begins next week and we look forward to doing lots of fun activities at stations and reading at home each night.

Take a look at our pictures this week.