W.W 1 in 5th class

This week 5th class carried out some more fun extended activities on W.W 1. The class finished off their W.W 1 letters on old style paper that the class previously stained with tea bags and Sinéad burned the edges to give a ancient look to the paper. The class linked their learning of informal letters in English to their History lesson this week. Some pupils wrote a letter from the France while others were nurses caring for soldiers.

Another activity carried out on W.W1 was silhouettes of a W.W1 scene. The class explored charcoal and created a dark scene using blending or smudging.

The class worked on money in maths and revised their briathar in Gaeilge while Brendan did the topic of GAA in Gaeilge with the class this week.

The class also made a trip up to 1st class again ag imirt cluichí Gaeilge agus ag caint leo.