Underpants Man Becomes Good!

2nd Class were treated to another visit by Brandon from 6th Class today, who read his second story all about Wonder Woman and her attempts to defeat the villain Underpants Man.  Brandon did a superb job, he had created some rules for reading out loud, such as, Pay attention to the punctuation and Use your voice to add excitement and he used these rules to add real interest to his reading.

2nd Class listened brilliantly as they heard all about Wonder Woman’s adventures and Underpants Man’s attempts to try and stop her fun. They loved the story so much, that when we suggested Brandon recorded it for the website, everyone thought it was a good idea. You too can listen to the story by clicking on the link below.

Brandon has used his English skills fantastically and has shown a great amount of determination to complete his second story. He has been very determined and given 100% effort in his work. Well done Brandon!