This Week in Sinéad’s 5th Class

This week 5th class finished off the topic of lines and angles in Maths and sent their informal letters to the other 5th class. We await a reply from the other class.

In Gaeilge, 5th class started a new chapter on “An Seomra Nua” and also wrote descriptions about themselves and other characters. We are learning some key points about ourselves at the moment and preparing for Am Comhrá.

In SESE, the class have started learning about Mexico and will continue into next week to learn about the Aztecs. These were a group of people that lived between the 1300 and 1521 in Mexico  before the country was taken over by a Spanish arrival, Hernan Cortes. Next week the class will look further into their lives, their food, culture and so on.

Other activities that took place this week included mindfulness, Volleyball in P.E and making comic strips for climate change. The class discussed the topic of climate change and watched some videos on the problems we face today. They also watched the inspiring speech from Greta Thunberg who spoke passionately about our world and the problems that the youth face.

In Art the class continue to work on their pinatas and have added their 3rd layer. They are starting to add the legs and arms to their pinatas now, so they are really starting to take shape!

On Thursday the class got to watch the Ireland V Russia game and they really enjoyed watching it with the other 5th class.

The class kept an eye on Storm Lorenzo and they kept their fingers crossed for no school on Thursday even though it was a yellow weather warning.

On Friday the class also attended  the SARI workshop. This workshop looked at Sports Against Racism Ireland. The class really enjoyed the workshop. They looked at the topic of discrimination and the various ways people are discriminated against. They looked at how diverse our world is and how we should embrace everyone’s differences. They also looked at some scenarios and took part in some games that demonstrate exclusion and how easily someone can be left out or excluded and treated unfairly without some people realizing or by some people influencing others.

Well done 5th on a great week!