Taste Bud Test

Taste Bud Test

Today we were doing a taste bud test.
Firstly we learned that your sense of smell and taste are linked, but we couldn’t take Bobby’s word for it…we had to put it to the test.

We held our noses and closed our eyes. Our partners gave us fruit and we had to guess what fruit it was. The idea was that it would be difficult to taste what fruit was what if we could not see or smell it.

The fruits were mango, banana, apple, pear and pineapple. 3 quarters of our class had difficulty tasting the fruit when they had their eyes closed and were holding their noses. After we did the test everyone got the fruit they wanted. Nearly everyone wanted mango! Sarah won the big part of the mango and Inez won the box with mango peels and the piece of apple that was left over.

Another interesting part of the lesson was all the different places that the fruit came from. Pineapples from Costa Rica, mangos from Africa and apples from France. We looked at all these places on our map as well. Our banana had travelled all the way from Brazil. That’s 9187 kilometres. WOW!!!

By Alva and Seanie.