Tag Rugby in 5th

This week, 5th class started Tag Rugby with Neil Taylor and the class were super excited to get stuck in.

Neil started the session with questions to check the classes knowledge of the game of tag- non- contact sport, game of speed etc.

Neil brought them through some skills in groups along with some fun games around the halla.

Also this week, 5th class started Narrative writing and they are looking at the the importance of adding S.A.L.T to their wrirting. This includes:

Similies and Metaphors

Adjectives and Adverbs

Lots of Detail

Transition Words

They looked at 2 stories and found all the different writing skills (S.A.L.T) within the stories. They then wrote their own short story of choice.

In Maths, 5th are onto simplifying and adding fractions and are enjoying the challenge!

In Gaeilge, the class are learning examples of Briathar Neamhrialta. We are working hard to learn the rules of our verbs in the Aimsir Chaite.

Finally, 5th have also started learning aboutthe counties in Ireland and did a fun check to see how many counties they could name without help. They managed to get 30 out of the 32! The class also started on the topic of the Qin Dynasty.

Well done on another great week 5th class! Take a look at the boys and girls in action at P.E this week!