STEM Week in Sinéad’s 5th Class

This week, 5th class got stuck into constructing bridges for their activity for STEM Week.

The class had to follow specific instructions as part of the task and only used PVA glue and lollipop sticks. As they worked in pairs, they had to decide how to build the strongest structure using their bundle of lollipop sticks. They worked in pairs and came up with some great structures.

5th class will test out their bridges on Monday and the top 2 structures will be presented at school assembly next week.

Also this week, the class had their third session with Neil Taylor for Tag rugby. This week they moved on to individual tagging with the ball. He told the class to stay confident when they come up against a defender and to keep running as the defender might not get a  grip of the tag. There were many who got a try  by the end of the session.

We have started presenting our County projects in class and the research from everyone so far has been great. Its nice to hear what facts interested them in their studies.

Finally, this week we attended the trials for the school debating team with 2 pupils present to compete in the debate against 6th class. The motion was “Social Media is a good thing”. Both 5th classes were against the motion and spoke very well about the problems that people face with social media today including concentration, obsession and pressure. The final 6 were chosen at the end of the debate and the audience were allowed to ask questions to the teams.

Well done to everyone who tried out for the team over the last 2 weeks. The standard was quite high!

Next week, 5th class will continue to work on narrative writing and will finish up on fractions.